Friday, December 4, 2015

What It Takes to say...Yes, I Do

Getting hitched to 'Mr Right’ for a girl, or for that matter, ‘Miss Perfect' for a guy is the ultimate dream come true. While many of you go with the choices that the elders make after a rigorous search, there are others who choose to look for that right match on their own through dating apps.

Whatever is your case, the interesting thing to know and understand is the phase, or the period when singles think and re-think, discuss and ponder upon, go through the state of indecision and dilemma when it comes to walking down the aisle. The word yes certainly doesn't come so easily. Ever wondered why is it so? Well, the reasons could be many, and therefore we decided to connect with some lovely singles to figure out what it takes for them to say ‘Yes’ to the most crucial decision of their lives... 

Reluctance to Word ‘Yes’

 “I’m a modern day independent and working woman, and it is certainly not easy for me to settle on any general match that my relatives suggest to me or my parents. I did wish for a love marriage, but you see practically it’s not that easy again to find your love, just like that. Today girls like me have certain fear or you can say reluctance when it comes to getting hitched. Of course, I don’t want to stay single all my life, but then I need to meet a guy, who can click instantly. From pundits to matrimonial websites, I've tried all, but it's just that there is a certain dilemma when it comes to meeting such match. I know about some of the match-making apps too, but yet to try one. May be, my Mr Right is somewhere there on one of these app," says Payal Dawande*, PR Professional from Pune. 
This is such a simple and honest opinion. Yes, girls today have their own set of confusions and reluctance when it comes to deciding on their life partner, whether suggestions come from from a distant relative, or a new-age match-making digital medium. 
Yes, Doesn't Come That Easily...

So, if it’s that difficult for a girl, do you think that it's easier for boys to say, "Yes, I do"? Let's know it from a guy.  “I don't think it's easy for us as well. While girls may have a different set of fear or confusion, we too face similar situations. Like, will an independent, modern day girl understand us and be like a friend rather a boss with her rules. Like in my case, my parents had seen umpteen number of matches for me, from word of mouth, to sites, etc. But then there was something that never clicked, sometimes from the girl's side, and sometimes from my end. In today’s time, it's all the more difficult to find a right match as each individual comes with their own needs. Who doesn't want everything to be perfect in life, but then it's certainly not easy. I wanted to walk down the aisle well in time and did not like waiting for the ‘Miss Perfect’ forever. And, lucky I was that this lovely proposal came to me via relatives, and we both clicked instantly," says Architect Arpit Munjal*, from Mumbai who's getting married next month. 

Online Assurance Via Apps 

The world of match-making is fraught with confusion and that's probably one of the reasons singles no longer rely on face value. Yet, what could this mean for dating apps that work on viewing profiles and pictures? Let us know from someone who already is on this medium. Woo Quote to be added) “A traditional match-making scenario through elders and matrimonial bureaus is a no-no for me because it’s all about how much I earn, my caste, etc. which just makes me feel so objectified. I would want someone to like me for who I am rather than my pay package or other superficial things. I’d much rather be on a dating app and see if I have a true connect and friendship with the person. I am on Woo, I really don’t know if it can lead to marriage but I am open to meeting someone whom I share a bond with. And if there’s something, who knows, it may lead to marriage too.” Those are the views of a young social media professional, Shivam Lakhanpal.  

Be it the app way, the traditional way, or the personal way of finding a match for yourself, what's important to know is there is a lot that's thought upon, from financial, to physical security, from mental to genetic well-being, and above all honesty and trust that's so not easy to find these days. The world of dating apps in this sense plays a pivotal role somewhere in-between as it gives you a chance to know the person in advance, and later move to the next phase of meeting and so on. 

Whatever is your idea of finding the right match, the one thing that we are sure of is that you are certainly set to get the best before you utter, “Yes, I do!"

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(*names changed on request)

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