Monday, January 25, 2016

Go Organic With Beauty: Organic Harvest Activ Range Review

With today's hectic lifestyle, and polluted atmosphere, it has become important to take care of your skin and beauty in the most natural and organic way, possible. Going organic and natural is the way out, and that seems one of the key reasons why many beauty brands are focusing on the natural and organic ingredients these days. Well, but there's someone who's here to offer you 100% organic and active ingredients in skincare.

Organic Harvest, one of the newest Indian brand in the USDA approved, and ecocert organic category has successfully wooed the India women with it's amazing range of skincare and wellness products for the past couple of years. And, recently, the brand took a step further and launched it's exclusive active organic ingredients line of skincare, at it's first brand-new stand-alone store in the capital city...

 More About Anthea Active Range 

We got a chance to get the first glimpse of this stunning range that was all about active ingredients. Called Anthea, the range has products that target the specific need of your skin. So, if you are job is outdoorsy types and you end up exposing your skin to environment daily, then the Pollution Control range is well-suited for your skin. 
Similarly, if you have been ignoring your skin for long, and have stepped out bare skin then your skin must have long-time pigmentation, and uneven skin tone. But with the antipigmentation

cream, serum, you can actually get rid of those unruly marks in no time... The other one is for the ageing skin which is anti-aging cream & serum!

We liked the fact that each range comes in two products, one in the form of a cream, and the other in the form of a serum. The packaging is quite elegant, and is going to be tough competition for the international and also some luxury Indian players in the natural and organic beauty category.

We got a lovely pressie for the review, and this was the Shine & Glow Range (see pic) 
 Fresh Shower Gels & Bath Gels From OH

 Shine & Glow Range

With some lovely extract of Iris roots, the products come as a surprise to your skin. We tried the products for more that 4-5 days before sharing this feedback with our viewers. The cream, unlike any other cream is a wonder in a beautiful jar. Just a little amount, spread it across on your face and neck, and what we get is a fabulous matte finish, as the cream gets absorbed instantly, leaving no sign of shine, or stickiness... The serum is liquid though and you'll feel as if you are applying water, but the effect is super-soothing. 
The product aims to bring back the radiance that your skin lost midst the hectic lifestyle and remained ignored for long. As the brand claims that the active ingredients work faster compared to the other products, we hope to see the result, the glow in two weeks time...

What We Liked

OH is offering this exotic range at a very affordable price point, and being an Indian brand, you would not mind splurging on something that's .. at the end of the day is your beauty essential, of course!!
It's time for you to check out the newly opened store of OH, and come back, with some hand full of active organic product line...

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