Thursday, January 21, 2016

Smart Savings, Sans Superstitions!

The year has just begun, and if you are done with your holidays, celebrations, and some non-stop fun, how about considering some serious thinking, especially when it comes to concerns like savings and investment..

Yes, we all need a strong financial support for such lovely leisure, celebrations in our lives, but often it is observed that many age-old superstitions come in our way of some good investment. This may sound a little awkward to hear, and would be a little difficult to comprehend, but the newest video from Birla Sun Life Mutual will help you understand what we are trying to explain here…Take a look!

Of course, you don’t believe in this, or do you actually? Well, that’s exactly what Birla Sun Life Mutual fund must have observed, to come up with this unique concept video…

Invest Smartly

This video clearly indicates the mind-set that we are so terribly caught in. No wonder, in literal sense, money doesn’t grow on trees, and leaves won’t turn into money ever, but assuming that the earnings and the petty savings will make us sail through, in tough times, is a serious risk that we often take.

That’s when a smart and wise investment is a must. But then, that itself is caught into so many superstitions, like the one that you just saw in the video above. Something like, mutual funds, which usually sees a lot of reluctance, especially from the service category, and even corporate women. Not just that, many of you out there, keep the earnings in the savings for a fear that if the market would crash, you won’t get returns even on the basics that you saved. And, that’s exactly when you prefer to invest that your parents and peer group suggests, and follow the safe path and superstitious options like going for FDs, jewellery investment, or even keeping the cash intact in your sturdy lockers at home.

Safe Investment V/S Risk -bearing Investment

Well, the dilemma among most of us when it comes to smart investment is which option to go ahead with. The old-school goers will always suggest the safe way, wherein there is no risk, and you get the returns as per the policy of the brand or bank that you have saved your money in. But, a smart investment certainly comes with its share of risks, like mutual funds. You grow with the brand that you have invested in, and at times even share the burden of losses of the brand you banked upon. And, that’s when your peer tells you about the superstitions and how this kinda investment was destined to fail.
This is a myth for sure, and investment in mutual funds is the smartest way to double your money, if not grow leaps and bounds. You can keep a close check on the market, and can go for the refunds, whenever you feel the savings are not worth the funds...

It is high time, and we must think of the smarter and lucrative options when it comes to long-term investment, sans any superstitions and peer pressure. Remember, it’s never too late for mutual funds!! #JanoTohMano

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  1. Hahaha... this video is too funny. The idea itself is amazing. Very well executed - Money doesn't grow on trees after all.


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