Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Stylish Smartphone for Your Chic Hand-bag: Asus ZenFone2 Laser Review

You might be wondering for the delays in the updates on Allwhatshewants, off late. Well, some cool reviews had been keeping us busy, and since now we've also ventured in the Vlogging segment, it's time to shame the latest from the same...

In the series of Asus India reviews, this one is of ZenFone 2 Laser that we received from the brand around a month back. There is something special about the ZenFone series, be it the Selfie, ZenFone1 or now the newest ZenFone2. With each upgraded version of Asus India Smartphones, you get some amazing features that are absolutely hard to resist. This candid video is all about how ZenFone2 Laser makes a fab choice for women who believe in style and whose hand-bags are loaded with umpteen makeup junkies, and amidst them lies their smartphone... Take a look!!


You might find the video to be too candid, with us not in the picture at a, or the user not even once sharing her experience in the entire video. Well, that's why this review which is going to share with you the key features of this beautiful smartphone!!

Sturdy Yet Chic

The first look at Asus ZenFone2 Laser reveals the sheer beauty of it's elegant style. Curvy, round corners, smooth, yet metallic texture of the cover, back sound controls, and convenient side to hold in a woman's hand, especially.. these are some of features that you can't miss even when you take a first glimpse at it.
Despite such elegance, ZenFone2 is quite sturdy to handle, and you are relaxed even when it's lying in your hand-bag with other metallic things like lipstick, jewellery, car-keys, etc. You know that nothing's gonna scratch it's surface, and the metallic finish of the smartphone will still remain intact, just like that... We noticed this as we have been using it, sans any cover for more than a month now, and the phone looks like yesterday's purchase!!

Makes a Stylish Choice for Women

With the kind of colours ZenFone2 comes in, the brand has made sure to woo women users, by mere adding some stunning colours. while we reviewed the Golden one, which is so trendily and flashy as well, the other beautiful colours are red, while, black, and grey.. all metallic and simply beautiful. The nice matte-metallic finish makes sure that get a great grip over your phone, and the sheen of the metallic tone makes sure that it looks fashionable equally...

Yes, it does make a great choice for 'she' users, as for a woman her hand-bag and her smartphone need to match, and both must make a lasting impression and of course a splendid combo. So, if you noticed in the video above, we made sure to carry a matching hand-bag with our new golden ZenFone2 Laser as it looks perfect, naturally.

Price Point; 
Check out the Flipkart Mobiles section to know more about the latest price point of Asus ZenFone 2, and the special offers, if at all any...

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