Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Date With Art: Asian Paints & St+art Exhibit

It's a month of love and romance, and we are making sure to share some out of the box ideas to make the best of this special month. So, this year why not plan a date with Art?

Where Containers Look Like This.... 
Yes, St+art foundation and Asian Paints are making sure to add some amazing splash of colours to your otherwise mundane life, with their on-going creative and super-artistic walks and exhibit in the national capital. And, if you are a believer of art and everything that's creative, this is the place for you... not just to sit there and watch the splendid works of national and international artistic, but also to spend some quality time with your special one, at this off-beat destination! Wanna know how? Take a look!

 Containers to Creative Corner...

So, this initiative of Asian Paints started a year back, and the brand along with the artists of St+Art Foundation received an over-whelming response, and thus the journey continued this year as well. We could easily relate to the fact about the rave response, as we were at this off-route venue on the opening day of the month-long exhibit. The massive containers at ICD, Tughlakabad from Concor India are the so-called canvas of the artist for this wonderful project, and the colours are nothing less than Asian Paints range of colours that are at their disposal to create something surreal.. something magnificent!

 And, no wonder, these super-talented artists certainly don't disappoint you. We spend a lovey afternoon at the venue, which was nothing less than a date actually. So, if you have an art-loving partner, make sure to be here right on the 14th...

We got to know that this season, the turnout is bigger. Also, with the support of Ministry of Urban Development, the organizers have been successfully able to  beautify the Lodhi Colony’s walls with 22 astounding murals and bringing life and richness of art to the city.
No wonder, the next destination , which is ICD, and the medium is these huge containers from Concor Container, we could expect something extra-ordinary for sure!
The afternoon that we spent at this cool venue gave us the glimpse of the work of some of the women artist, some international artists and the creative world of colours. The pictures around will give you a subtle hint of the on-going work at this venue. It was one pleasant experience, as to see the dull containers getting revamped into such beauty is nothing less than a wonder. Don't feel surprised if we tell you that this is India’s largest container shed, and Concor India has given almost 100+containers at the discretion of these artist to get them transformed into a brilliant piece of art...

We got to know smoe more details from Amit Syngle, President (Sales & Marketing), Asian Paints, " Asian Paints  has been working with the St+Art foundation for the last two years in Mumbai and Delhi, working on various street art projects across the two cities. We support the foundation and the artists with all their requirements including colour and are closely involved in the ideation process as well. We want the residents of Delhi to be proud of their surroundings and celebrate the art we bring to them. We hope the first art district in India gets a positive response from the citizens and the authorities. The success of this initiative will inspire us to take this concept across other parts of India as well.”

How interesting, as we know that Delhi is already getting soaked in the colours of Asian Paints...

What's Special?

While the venue itself is special, and above the prefect, what's interesting to know is that there are many women artists who are showing their solo work of art as well. Like the boy's art-work above is a work of an India woman artist.. These artists are street artist who showcase their creative world in the public spaces. While this venue is no public space, but that's the whole idea, to make it accessible to general public, over an art Date. Oh yeah, we are making sure to remind you that it's a month of romance, and let it not get wasted for some dinner or movie.. rather, just visit ICD!

Make a note that the exhibit will remain on display till the end of this month only.. so, hurry up and drop by! Oh, did you just wondered regarding the food there? Well, @Social is there to take care of your non-arty craving.. food, we mean!

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