Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Defy Age with Flower Power: Innisfree Orchid Range Review

While the month of Valentines is on, and brands are making sure to leave no stone unturned to woo the women around, we decided to share some of the loveliest new launches with our readers.. After all, it's the month of love, you see! And, don't wonder, even if it's not about Roses but Orchids!!

We recently got a chance to take a sneak-peak in the newest range of skincare products from the iconic Korean beauty brand Innisfree. And, we took good 15 days to try and experience this range before sharing with our readers. Take a look, you may like to have a few in your regular must-have beauty kitty...

The Beautiful New Range From Innisfree India... 
Orchid Range!

Orchid Skincare Range 

Who doesn't know that nature has beauty in abundance, not in the form of how it looks, but also in the form of the benefits that it offers. And, looks like Innisfree India decided to offer the same benefits to women, globally. The newest skincare, rather anti-aging range from the brand is Orchid range. It's key ingredient is Jeju Orchid, which is one of the 60 type of orchid native to Jeju island. While it is a rare orchid to find, this flower has a special feature of protecting skin from dryness, and aging. Not just this, it also keeps the natural density and firmness intact, naturally!

We got to try our hands on this newest range that we got as a beautiful pressie from the brand during their formal launch event in the capital. look the picture below, Innisfree is the only brand that offers such an amazing gift hamper, in this lovely packaging...

The Beautiful Gift Hamper From Innisfree
The Orchid range includes products like Orchid Enriches Cream, Orchid Gel Cream, Orchid Eye Cream, Orchid Intense Cream, and Orchid Massage Cream!

We tried the eye cream, and the Intense cream for a fortnight, and the products are a liss to your skin, especially the aging skin. While the right age for these products is around 30 and plus, and you see the results right from the fourth day. The skin looks firmer, has a refreshing look, doesn't look fatigued and the make-up application on the products stay intact. 

The Rejuvenating Face masks 
They are Awesome!

But you may want to know that this range is not inclusive of SPF, which means you can't skin your sunscreen application step, and these products are not the replacement to any. However, the right time for Orchid range seems to be evening, when you are done for the day, as overnight it just works wonders on your skin...

Of course, you need to try it to believe it. Why not gift yourself some skincare this VDay? You can surprise your man with this as it's equally effective for men too!!

PS: Make sure to try Innisfree face masks, in the meantime as they are miraculous, especially the tea tree one!!

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