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Let the Food Pamper You; Niche Lounge & Bistro Review

It's mid-week now, and the detox post the VDay celebrations must be over by now. So, if you once again plan to try out some exotic cuisine, some fine-dine experience, and some lingering flavours, and some lavish courses, then this feature is a must-read. while we flashed it bang on VDay, but since the website is on a re-vamp mode, the featuring is coming back to our readers once again.. with a new twist, for sure!!

Where Food Pamper You.. It's @Niche...

Niche Lounge & Bistro, one of the newest F&B destinations in the busy hub of the capital is what we experienced and tried sometime early this month. The place not just surprised and impressed us with it's super detailing towards it's menu, courses, and food presentation, but also with it's over all concept, which is one of it's kind in Delhi.

The picture right next to this text is just the glimpse of what we tried and reviewed, but the 12-course menu that the restaurant set for the bloggers table was simply surreal!

Take a look..

It was a lovely afternoon that kick-started on Dillinger, which was a vodka-based welcome drink, loaded with bay leaf syrup, citrus, grapefruit bitter, some mustard flowers, and cucumber. While we joined a little late, and thus, soon arrived our first course, which was Paneer Dumka Roll. It was a stunning presentation (see pic) that assured us further that the afternoon is going to be one experience..
Paneer Dumka Roll
.The rolls were loaded with paneer, and the sweet and sour stew, with a hint of pepper was just enough to break the monotony of paneer. The team had some superb combinations of wines and cocktails that were set as pairing with each course. So, we were shortly served Fratelli
Chenin Blanc,
a medium-dry wine. It simply activated the taste-buds, which were by now set for more courses that were about to be served!

We liked the fact that team Niche has set the menu in such a way that the initial courses were a veg, which of course worked in our favour (being a vegetarian)

French Onion Soup Rings
And, this time it was French Onion Soup Rings, paired with Hardy's stamp Chardonnay Semillion... This Australian style wine made a fab combo with these crispy rings, which did taste goo, but were a little heavy in terms of calories. Well, when it's dining out, we really don't give much thought to calories, isn't it?

Loaded with tropical fruits, and a little citrus in notes, this wine was a delight.

Next in course, which came after much delay (thanks to the blogger fraternity that was joining by and by as per there leisure, giving a serious headache to the chef and his team) was Polenta, in combination with Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc. While the dish was an amazing creation of molecular gastronomy with a food story around it, the drink was subtle and pampered the taste buds. The mushroom soil, the trio of Polenta made with mushrooms, baby carrot and asparagus was strong in flavours, and thus, the Parmesan and the beetroot slices broke the ice pretty well, you see!
Post this, followed a series of some interesting non-vegetarian courses like Vietnamese Prawns, Pappu chicken, 57' duck Breast, and Chilean Pork Ribs, we continued with our wine in the meantime...
What needs a strong mention at this point now is the palette cleanser (see pic above), which was stunning, and taste yum. It was Gourmet Sorbet Bellini made of pineapple and thyme. We kept sipping even when the next dish arrived on our table...

Polenta, Perfect Molecular Gastronomy Creation
The next one was refreshing Beets and goats cheese salad with micro (like literally) herbs and rockets. It was a beautiful presentation that was more like a visual treat. It tasted fresh, indeed. The molecular attempt around the thin slices of beetroot, and the cheese foam were satiating.

By this time we were feeling extremely pampered and felt like cutting short the super-lavish menu. That's when came Hara Saag (see top pic), which was a nailer... It was once again a delight for any photo blogger as the Polenta crusted dry yogurt bas, dipped in saag tasted great. The spices were just perfect, though the quantity for a person was certainly way too much. But, we Indians love the bigger portions and this one was bang on!

This certainly turned out to be the last as we were by now eagerly looking forward to the dessert, which was going to be Chef's choice.
The moment this lovely dessert came on the table, we knew that Niche is making sure to hit the right strings when it comes to desserts. This was not even close to any chocolate dish, which is usually what it is in any restaurant. The dessert was a superb combination of five different flavours of icecream, including mushroom. with a hint of sweet caviar, and tangy berry syrup. And, what more, Chef made sure to combine this fabulous dessert with the most expensive and creative cocktail from their bar menu, which was 1816 Flip. Oh yes, you won't get it on one go, it is a combination of cranberry marmalade, chocolate bitter, egg, Tylor's Ruby port, and lagavulin 16yrs....

Exteriors, and Open Sitting Area at Niche 

Don't scratch your head, or bite your nails if you still don't get it as Niche Lounge & Bistro is right there in your city to welcome you, and satiate your taste buds.. the way it did to ours...

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