Monday, February 1, 2016

Make a Beauty Date This Valentine's Day!

The month of Feb has just begun, and we know that love will be in the air all 28 days.. err, rather, 29 days this month. So, while you plan to do something special for your love this month, it's time for men to take a look at some of the most luxurious beauty essentials what women would like to be pampered with, if you wish to woo your women out there...

Aayna Clinic by Dr. Simal Soin, one of the pioneers in aesthetic beauty has some of the most exotic beauty treatments that women vouch for. The clinic is know not just for it's clinical beauty treatments like botox, fraxel, medlite, PRP, Thermage, but is also know for some of the luxurious aesthetic services, which we are going to share with our men readers this time! And, if you thought that you know your women very well, then a basic know-how of Aayna's luxury is a must.. take a look!

Rene Furterer Hair Spa

Yes, not many beauty clinics in the capital and NCR are offering one of the most luxurious hair spa therapies, Rene Furterer Hair Spa. Rene Furterer is an iconic French brand that has haircare products that give a lustrous boost to your otherwise dull hair. One can find a drastic before and after difference when you go for this awesome hair spa at this clinic.

Rene Furterer Hair Spa, a Perfect Way to Woo Your Woman!

What's Interesting?

Just a single hair spa will revive your dry and dull hair, and if you want to surprise your woman this Valentine's Day, we strongly recommend to take her on a beauty date at this plush clinic!

Margaret Dabbs Foot Spa

Often we have noticed that women tend to ignore their feet. Be it the super-busy schedule, or the sheer ignorance toward footcare. With the changing time, women have started going for the monthly pedicures to any of their nearby salons. But, do you think that's enough and is giving the result that your fab feet deserve? We guess, men know the answer pretty well. And, that's where Aayna's most sought after treatments, Margaret Dabbs Clinical Foot therapy comes in.

This London-based foot clinic has one and only branch in India at the beautiful Aayna Clinic by Dr. Simal Soin, and that's one of the reasons why you must check-out this amazing service that assures to take care of your feet, in the clinical way...

What's Interesting?

Well, clinical doesn't mean anything to do with lasers etc, but it does a deep-cleansing, without any water. That's why it is also called as dry pedicure, and thus, maintains utmost hygiene and cleanliness.. We have tried and tested this and therefore can vouch for it. Your lady love will come back super-happy, for sure!!

Hydra Facial

Women are quite familiar with this term. No wonder, they love facials and often go for it at their fave salons and spas. But Hydra Facial at Aayna is a little different, you see. Dr. Simal Soin made sure to get the best of equipments for her luxurious clinic, be it any service. And, that's why you will find the best of machine even for Hydra Facial. The experts at Aayna will closely examine the needs of your skin, and accordingly will recommend the service that's best-suited for your skin-type. But, if you want to impress your woman and flaunt your beauty know-how and then pamper her with her skin needs, we strongly recommend this facial for the VDay weekend!

What's Interesting?

You see a visible radiance on your skin post this facial, and don't feel surprised if your lady asks you for a date dinner that very evening itself. It's not just love then, it's the side-effects of Hydra Facial!

Make the best of if this Valentine's day, you have sufficient time, as the month has just begun and the clinic is all for you to go for the best possible service that can leave a lasting impression on your woman...

PS: If you thought that the services are meant only for women, then you sure guessed wrong. Even women out there can get their men treated as kinds at this splendid clinic.. The name's Aayna by Dr. Sima Soin!!

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