Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Where Luxury is on the Floor...

The season is changing and so is changing our taste for decor and interiors. Yes, it's spring time, and therefore how about doing some spring-cleaning and some major revamp in your home sweet home?
Well, if you are living in the capital city of India, then chances are that you might have witnessed the recently concluded Indian Design 2016. ID has become the hub of some fabulous and stunning creations on display, by some of the well-known interior designers, furnishing brands, and architects.
And, guess what/ We got a chance to peek-e-boo into the newest trends, when it comes to home decor and furnishings. While the trends towards decor is uber luxury, we zeroed-in on some of the splendid styles of rugs and carpets, which is actually the first thing that people notice the moment they step in at your place.. Take a look!

Luxury for Your Floor.. Obeetee Carpets!

Go Classy With Obeetee Hand-woven Carpets

Carpets and rugs are no more a casual piece of furnishing in a woman's home sweet home. Women today are looking for statement pieces, vintage styles or something that's more like heirloom piece. And, that's the key reason why we decided to explore and bring to you some of the best styles in carpets from ID 16. And, look what we found in the midst of uber luxury and statement styles? Obeetee, a premier brand from India that's into manufacturing of some stunning hand-woven carpets and timeless pieces, which make sure to give your home a character of it's own. We say so, as we witnessed and felt the products at this lovely exhibition at their cozy stall last week...

The Stall Entrance of Obeetee at ID 16
Obeetee is not a commonly heard brand, and no wonder as it's styles, and it's designs are so unlike common. Now, it's important to understand how and why a good, luxurious carpet or a rug makes a great choice for your home. For, carpets are not a regular decor items and thus, you don't keep

changing carpets at regular intervals. So, it's always good to do a one-time investment for a product like carpet..

With this intention, we checked out the beautiful stall of this brand, on a lovely sunny morning. The stall had some exotic carpets on display that had a very Persian feel, both in terms of designs, patterns, and in fee and texture. The subtle sheen on the carpets was visible, which made us curious to know more about the brand and it's collection. We were told that Obeetee is into hand-woven carpets, and the luxury feel and sheen is because their carpets are made using wool. The other interesting things about these elegant carpets is that they are knotted, which is why they have a dense and a compact look. The colours offered to the Indian market are bright and vibrant, and the European styles are more towards beige and pastels, or even neutrals...

Carpets make a lasting impression, and so does it's life. It was interesting to know that carpets and their prices can start from thousands and go up to a few lacs, but the expensive ones later turn into heirloom pieces, and you can actually pass this to the next generation.
And, what came to our surprise was the fact that the men of a house take keen interest when it comes to these luxurious carpets. They know what sort of styles would fit in their beautiful abode. They are we aware of the taste of their family, especially women and thus eave no stone unturned to get the best from Obeetee!

So, if you are planning to perk up the spring look this season, make sure to check out the stunning styles of this beautiful Indian brand...

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