Monday, March 7, 2016

Accessorize Your Stylish Wardrobe, Perfectly!

While the womens day right here, we are not going to shout out and tell our readers that it's your special day and these are the ways to make it extra special. But, we are just bringing some updates from the Style and accessories world, in case you plan to go on a shopping spree this 8th...

We recently shot with two of the newest accessories brands that make a must for a style-conscious woman of the present day. Yes, apart from your dress, it's the accessory that takes the credit in completing your fashionista look. You may be wearing a very basic dress with a minimal attention in terms of embellishments but your accessories instantly perk up your overall look, if you get them right. The two most essential ones are your clutch and your sunnies, and we are featuring some of the coolest styles that these two brand are offering this season!

Aran by Shreya

The brand is a new entrant in women's style accessories, especially bling clutches, occasion clutches and more. We liked the sturdiness that the brand is offering in a product like clutch, which is otherwise quite a delicate accessory. Designed by young designer Shreya Budhiraja, the clutches are handmade, and each piece is all about intricacy in design and construction. Unlike the regular one, which are so small in size, Aran by Shreya clutches have a decent space if you plan to carry it on special occasions. From a smartphone, idcard to some money, these clutches have the capacity to carry a woman's basics...

Super Bling Cutch by AraybyShreya...

We tried and used two different styles from the brand. One was Gold diamond sequins clutch and the other one was Black Banarasi silk clutch, a little bigger in size from the prior...

Both make a wonderful choice for wedding occasions, and look perfect with any attire in pastels, neutrals or even vibrant ones!

Price Point:
Arayby Shreya is a sheer luxury for the fact that it's handmade. Though, we had a couple of issues with the product during the shoot, the clutches are comfortably priced at 4000/- plus range.

Floral Style From NAU Eyewear

Chic Eyewear From NAU

This Italian eye wear brand, called NAU forayed in the Indian market around the last quarter of 2015, but has been quite active in terms of response, and bringing out new range of products in last six months. We decided to try some of the coolest styles from the brand for our recent fashion shoot with Geisha Designs. We reviewed three styles from NAU sunnies range of products, and each one looks simply stunning and made a lovely combo with each style of dress...

From Wayfarers, cat eye retro, and reflectors style, we paired them with all three looks of fashion. The brand is quite new, so you have a certain reluctance for the product, but it's appealing that they are offering some amazing international styles and cuts in women's sunglasses sector. We all know the fact that women don't settle on just one sunglasses, and for a style believer woman, her handbag, will never be all about just one sunnies but she changes them as per occasion. So, we created three different looks with the SS16 range from the brand!

Refectors From NAU, Make a Perfect Choice!
The one that we liked the most and felt that this style will woo a woman instantly is the reflectors (pic above). These shades make a perfect choice for the summer season. And, not just the season, these shades have a style element, thus making you look like a diva even if you are in your tees or denims, out on road, on a sunny afternoon...

Price Point: 
The brand is moderately priced with this range starting at 4500/- upwards.

Let your day be a special one, and let it be a me-time day. And we all know that it's shopping that is a perfect me-time for any woman. It's time to upgrade your accessory wardrobe with some of the quirky style elements this summer season!

Shoot Courtesy:, Location Courtesy: Kylin Skybar, New Delhi, Wardrobe Courtesy: Geisha Designs

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