Thursday, March 10, 2016

What's Your Decor Statement?

When it comes to home sweet home, we leave no stone unturned to make it look like one beautiful abode. While some go the luxurious, and opulent way, there are many who got for the eco and budget-friendly décor styles. Whatever is your way, just one question here, what is the statement piece in your beautiful abode that not just stands out but is the highlight of your entire interiors and furnishings? 
Chances are that most of you will actually get stuck and will need time to think of that one décor beauty that’s the key highlight of your home. Don’t feel low, or get confused as there’s something special that awaits you to explore and give it a try… 

Transform Oldie Furniture Into a Statement Furniture 

If your décor till date had been about beautiful walls, some great furniture, and some lovely add-ons, it’s time to go a little different as Asian Paints now brings to you Colour on Wood Service that’s one-of-its-kind feature! Yes, this season let there be a statement piece in your home décor that stands out midst the crowd of decorative accessories & furniture. With the newest service form Asian Paints, you can now get your old but unique furniture get coloured in your favourite wooden texture, some quirky colours, and a finish that’s gonna be your neighbour’s envy. Wondering how? Take a look… 

Colour On Wood Service

Well, this is a new highlight of Asian Paints, which is a pioneer in bringing innovations when it comes to colours and styles for your home décor. So, this time the brand is offering something unique, which is Colour on Wood. Called as Woodtech finishes, this range of products is all about different styles and patterns of wood finishes that you can give to your old furniture. It’s like a DIY as the brand is making sure to offer you a consumer friendly technology and method that can be done at home, apart from visiting it’s exclusive online woodtech studio to understand and know more about finishes and colours. The finishes have an array of variety, like polyester, melamyne, gold clear, special effects, touchwood, just to name a few… So, if the polyester one provides a glass-like finish to your furniture, the touchwood finish ensures the natural look of the wood at a pocket-friendly price. Apart from this, you can go for heat-resistant, scratch-free grain-filling finishes with the newest Woodtech range of colours. 

What’s Interesting? 

The brand recently tied up with Renner Italia Spa, to bring on board the high-tech Italian wood finishes products and of course some international expert, which is what the Indian consumers had been looking for…It’s time for you to add your statement furniture to your home décor as it’s your oldie that’s going to bring a that jazz to your modern décor. 

Make sure to check out the Woodtech Studio , just get the right woodtech finish for your lovely abode! The services are available in the major metros and cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Pune, etc.

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