Thursday, April 14, 2016

For a Beach-Style Dining Out: TabulaBeach Cafe 2.0 Review

Sometimes midweek blues can stretch even till Thursday, so if today you are feeling somewhat similar, then this feature is sure gonna boost your mood in the most yummilicious way... This newly revamped restaurant, located in the hub of the capital city is a perfect way to break the busybee monotonous status, as the place has some well-curated beach-style menu that can tempt your taste buds on dull days like these, or even otherwise.

The All-new Ambience of TabulaBeach Cafe 2.0, Delhi 

TabulaBeach Cafe 2.0, one of the recent entrant in the F&B sector of NCR, and a restaurant that has been enjoyed for it's casual & cool menu for sometime now, has re-designed not just it's whole menu, but also the complete interiors & even exteriors. We got a chance to experience this lavish yet candid menu over a luncheon meet up of media.

Paan Ki Dukan, for this Summer Quench!

Asparagus  Smoked Cheese Parcels
Smoking Aces... Not to be Missed!
So, we reached TBC 2.0 one sunny  noon, over a casual review. We were greeted by  one of the Co-partners of the venture. During the candid conversation with the owner, we got to know that this was the same team that owned the famous Tabula Rasa.

Soon our table had some great flavours and cocktails to try for. While the set menu for this experiential was more about the signature dishes of the place, we tried one or two things from the original menu as well. The first one was this cool summery cocktail Paan Ki Dukan ( pic in left) that kick-started the wholesome experience here. But our fave turned out to be Smoking Aces (see pic below), which suited so well to the concept of beach style restaurant.

Slow Roasted Mushrooms

Warm Gooey Chocolate Cake, with Ice Cream
Since we had our little reviewer with us, who opted for some fresh juice, we were suggested a delicious pan pizza for her, just to play safe. In the meantime, we had Asparagus Smoked Cheese Parcels & Slow Roasted Mushrooms on our table. The flavours modestly filled our mouth reminding of the waves at the shore & the sandy feel. The mushrooms were super-soft & we enjoyed every bit of it. This was soon followed by TBC cheese Burger and Kerala Curry. These two mains were spot-on. If the burger was a bit heavy to finish for a person, the Kerala Curry had some exciting flavours that we couldn't stop relishing. The curry was just perfect and super-fresh.

The newest avatar of TBC 2.0 is hard to ignore, and you can't stop yourself checking out the exteriors that has the sandy texture. Thanks to the beach sand, which has been added to make the restaurant pet-friendly!

And, before we could say bye to the sumptuous luncheon, we decided to dig in this warm Gooey Chocolate Cake, served with Vanilla ice cream. Don't know much about the gooey part, but tasty it was for sure!

The restaurant has some good and yum reasons to grab your attention, and if you are facing the midweek breakdown, then simply head to this destination.. called TabulaBeach Cafe 2.0

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