Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Preventative Wellness through Genome Patri

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, is what we had been hearing all these years, but if we tell you that it's not the eyes but the genes & your DNA that hold the key to both beauty and wellness, we are quite sure that you won't be surprised...
Yes, it's a known fact that the way we look, and the way our bodies function & physical health shapes up depends majorly on the genes that we carry forward. Well, but there's something more interesting, and lesser known than the facts,and that's exactly what the feature is going to through light on! Now you can get to know more about your body functioning, skin allergies, and the diseases that have a genetic connection as Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin introduces Genome Patri, a personalized and predictive genetic testing introduced by a molecular diagnostic company " Map my genome” !

Wellness Through Genome Mapping 

We always thought that beauty clinics like Aayna must be all about some luxurious skincare and haircare services, but when the clinic decides to take wellness to a different level all together, that's when you are curious to know more about this innovative, accurate and advanced way of knowing your own health and beauty better.

Genome Mapping is basically a personalized and predictive genetic testing introduced by one of India’s finest molecular diagnostic company. In today's lifestyle, which is not just hectic but also is crazy when it comes to eating habits, skincare routines, and the environment we live in, it's good to get a Genomeparti made by experts. Of course, it is our genes that play the major role in our lives, deciding our physical appearance, personality traits and most importantly our health. We have an inherited genetic predisposition to certain diseases, and they are carriers for some others and have our own sets of peculiar drug and food allergies. What makes one relatively immune to stomach infections but extremely susceptible to throat infections? What makes one sibling out of three to develop a seafood allergy? What is the reason behind one person beating the odds against the fight with cancer and another person with the same condition and treatment not being able to? The answers lie in our DNA- the unique protein complexes that make up our genes.

Genome Mapping for a Better Understanding of Your DNA...

Now at Aayna, with the help of Genomeparti, or the Genome Mapping, you can unlock the secrets of your health and all other traits that are hidden within your DNA. Genome Patri is a pioneer in personal genomics. Wondering what is the procedure like? pretty easy and quick actually. It uses a very simple noninvasive saliva-based test to give you insights into your genetic and acquired health risks, thereby giving you the power or sort of control to modify or prevent (to a large extent), a full-blown medical condition by changing your behavior, lifestyle, diet and periodic screening. You can opt for this test at any given time in your busy schedule. The test leads to a very detailed report, which is then followed by genetic counseling and expert advice at Aayna.

What's Interesting?

Via Genome Mapping, one is spared unnecessary worries about imaginary conditions (like, what if I too get the same disease as my mum has it, or what if this is passed on to my daughter too) and has a certain control over their health with an in-depth understanding of their own unique genetic makeup. And yes, if you thought that this is applicable only to your health or wellness, then you sure need to know more about it as the beauty of your skin lies very much in your DNA, so looking beautiful is not just about makeup every time... better get your beauty Genomeparti this season!!

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