Friday, April 15, 2016

Travel In Your Stylish Gear This Season: Mohawk Bags Review

When was the last time you decided to travel carrying the most stylish travel gear, before even thinking what's gonna be your travel wardrobe? Chances are that you might have to scratch your heads a bit, as we rarely give a thought to the most essential element of our fun travels, and which is the travel bag... And, if you are thinking that why to splurge intro something that comes at a certain price, then it's it's time for you to take a look at this feature, which is all about the pocket-friendly travel gears, coming from the very own Indian brand - Mohawk Bags!

Chic Duffel Bag From Mohawk Bags

Where Tags Don't Matter

It's interesting to see how our very own Indian brands are coming up with creative concepts that find an easy and quick connect with the fashion and style savvy youth. That's exactly what Upkaar S Sharma, Founder Crea, under which Mohawk Bags got registered, had in his mind when he decided to take a chance in the consumer sector of mens bags and travel gears. ' I know that when you like a product, you don't necessarily consider the tag, the brand. Today's youth in India wants value for money, and at the same time a good and sturdy product that makes a fantastic style statement. So, if you see any of our Mohawk products, there is no branding. We are not catering to the brand-believer segment, we want our consumer to be liking our product for it's quality and not the brand loyalty, and honestly speaking, the youth is like that,'' shared Upkaar during our factory visit to his cool brand, and later over a candid luncheon at a plush restaurant nearby. 

It was easy to connect with these creative pieces that we checked at the factory recently. From chic Duffel bags, to some quirky laptop bags, you get to experience some great choice of colours, especially knowing that it;s a men-centric brand. But then, we didn't feel the gender thing with most of them and opted for this fab piece before leaving the factory. Yes, we got a chance to review MB and did a candid shoot with one of it's newest SS16 range. What was interesting to know from Upkaar was that while he had been looking after the B2B segment for some time, he had Ipsa Bansal & Aarti Mehta, these two young 'she' designers who came on board last year, and who pulled the brand from mere 35 designs to now 200 plus designs, available on the leading e-commerce portals. They are actually the brand behind the stunning designs of MB...

No wonder why the bags have such a creative appeal, and why each and every piece is narrating a story in itself. Hope the men who are the actual users are able to sense that out, but for us it was one good experience to know about this lovely Indian brand, and we can't wait to check out the women's line of bags that should be unveiled soon. Till then, stay tuned!!

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