Monday, April 11, 2016

Travel With IHG for a Customized Stay: Holiday Inn Kochi Experiential

It's a fresh Monday morning, and the day simply reminds us of the recent travel and stay that we enjoyed with IHG, to one of their beautiful family-friendly properties all the way down south in Kerala.
Yes, we are back with another interesting feature in our series 'IHG Experiential' and this time, it's about Holiday Inn Kochi, where we stayed and enjoyed the luxury of not just the best of hospitality, but also a customized tour of backwaters and old word charm of this vintage city - Kochi...

The Beautiful Reception of Holiday Inn, Kochi...

Monday is like a reminder as we got to enjoy the stay at HI on the busy day of the week. Though, the feature is coming a bit late as some events kept us too busy.
HI is a leisure & business hotel chain of IHG and the one in Kochi attracts some amazing variety of travellers globally. For us, it was a great experience, considering there was a little reviewer travelling with us for the lovely IHG Rewards Club experiential. So, we reached this property on a weekend morning post a lavish stay at Crowne Plaza, Kochi (remember the first feature). And, since the hotel staff was expecting us, we were greeted by the passionate and professional team. Soon, we headed to our room, where the GM had left a personalized Welcome note that was the high point of the check-in.  When you are at HI Kochi, you can't miss the beautiful art-work that each and every wall of hotel has. The selection of the art is just perfect, as it's both contemporary and abstract.

The Plush Room at Holiday Inn, Kochi Where We Stayed!
It was now lunch time, and the hotel made sure to give us the taste of Roma, their Italian fine-dine restaurant. With a live kitchen, and a huge sitting capacity, this Italian restaurant is one-of-it's-kinds in this aid-back city, which rarely gets to witness a night-life. But over the luncheon that was a gastronomic experience, the GM briefed us that Roma was the recent add-on to the hotel and gets an amazing foot-fall on weekend, with waiting and advance bookings. We also noticed the exotic selection of some good French, Australian wines that the chef recommends with some cool pizzas and pastas. The little reviewer was more than happy as she finally got to taste something that was not south-Indian but global cuisine...

South Indian Flavours...
We then headed to our room where we rested for a while and later explored the property on our own. HI is more of a family hotels and therefore the leisure activity areas like the pool, the gym, or even the jacuzzi sees some great crowd. We too enjoyed the splash in the pool, while it was drizzling that weekend.
It was dinner time, we were excited to try out Masala, one of the lartest buffet restaurant of Kerala. 

The pictures below are just the glimpse of what all we tried during our three-days stay at this property of IHG. The chef made sure to offer some decent variety of vegetarian, though the buffet is more about the authentic flavours of Kerala apart from the international cuisine. For those who love sea-food, this is the place to visit as you get a splendid combination of taste, wellness and nutrients.

Holiday Inn has a Cool Activity Area... This Super-pool is Just a Glimpse!

The stay at HI was more about food-trail and exploring Kochi. The next day, we went to check out the backwaters, and speed-boat ride to Alleppey and Kumarakom, and the hotel arranged a cab for the same, with a cabbie who knew everything about this scenic area of Kerala. When you are travelling with IHG Rewards club,these are some amazing perks that you get to avail, especially when you are a 'she' traveller. We love such pampering, and seemed like HI knows this perfectly well!

City Kochi is a sheer bliss, and just one visit to GodsOwnCountry is never enough. But, what makes it best is the choice of stay you opt for. Thankfully, for us it was the cozy Holiday Inn that took care of the rest... needless to say, quite warmly!

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