Monday, May 2, 2016

Impromptu Travel for a Perfect Rejuvenation!

Travel is fun and we all know that but for many it's not just fun, but a splendid way of rejuvenation & exploration. It's time to make you meet one such personality via this candid travelogue..
Kamna Baweja,Vice President & Head, Corporate Business, Payback India took this impromptu vacations after a long time. In fact, in her words, "Something that started as a joke, and went on seriously, and thus turned into a vacation to remember for years to come." So, if you are one of the busy bees who's looking to take a break from the day-to-day rut, this travelogue* will inspire you for sure...

Kamna Baweja, During Her Travel... 

" I had a few places in my bucket list, for years, and celebrating Christmas in London was one of the things on that list. I had worked with British airways in past, so got many chances to visit Europe, but I wanted to explore the city during Christmas, I wanted to see how beautiful the infrastructure looks when ann donned up..", shares Kamna.

As I approached dusk, of a long and hard but very successful year, I wondered what my soul might need to feel that I had done everything I wanted to in the year. Most of my friends had already planned, booked, and packed in preparation for their vacation plans. As I sat in my office room wondering which of my friends didn’t yet have a plan, I was struck with the thought of beautiful snow clad mountains surrounded by crisp and fresh air! What then started as an idea in my mind turned out to be the most memorable and fun trip I took. The next 100 hours were a frenzy of text messages, phone calls, planning, shopping and booking. Planning late necessitates spontaneity! And there we were, on a 14 day crazy trip across the British Isles from London to Belfast to Dublin to Glasgow & Edinburgh!

There’s so much that happened and so much that was fun, but the highlight I have to say was Glasgow in the sun! Glasgow with its enchanting history; unusual and nouveau architecture; and vibrant and cosmopolitan culture, was unanimously chosen as the place where we’d drink down the current year and ring in the new one. And it turned out to be everything we imagined and more! On the 10th day, as I got off the ferry, on the shores of Scotland, I was not sure if it was the wind, the cold or the raw beauty that swept me away. Planning New Year eve with friends from different parts of the world went on to become one my most cherished memories of the trip.

Glasgow is famous for its Hogmanay parties. Hogmanay starts on New Year’s Eve and goes on till January 2nd! A three day continuous party, need I say more! And it didn’t disappoint. I can wax eloquent about the party cheer, out of the world Single Malts, the fun on the streets, the history but what was most exciting about Glasgow was its people. The love and excitement with which they greet visitors radiates warmth, the pride that they have in their history is admirable and the sense of fun they exude in every breath is infectious. As a weary traveler, I expected to pass out early, but surprised myself in my own enthusiasm that continued till 5am. Of course, the food and company helped, aided further by the quality of the malts – spicy, woody with peaty tones (now that could be a lot of different ones, but I wasn’t paying attention !), bagpiper music, men in check skirts (oops, kilts), beautiful ladies shimmering & glittering and a lovely starry cold night. The trip from then was a blur of airports, flights and bags until I reached back saying goodbyes along the way. I don’t know if there will be another magical night as that but I know I will go back searching…’ for auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne.’

All this sounds like a picture, ain't it, but for someone who's busy 24X7 with her work, this break refreshed her like anything. In her words, " I strongly feel that once a year a vacation is a must. For women especially, even if you give 7 days to yourself, your next 10 month are sorted. After all, nobody wants a sulking person around, you see. During this travel, I explored a lot, I indulged in some shopping, boxing trail, coffee shops and many more." she adds.
And, if you thought that there's no check list from her end, then here's what you need to take care of-
a pair of comfortable shoes, as there's a lot of walking, sunscreen & cold cream is a must, ear warmers & thermal, one good down jacket, a local number, a tissue as you never know when you will get cold...
What a practical and apt list of things to not to forget. It's time for you to get revived, and plan your impromptu vacations.. just like that!!

(*The article is written by the traveller herself, Team Allwhatshewants spoke to her later for further inputs...)

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