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Where Travel is Wellness: IHG Rewards Club Experiential

When the temps are rising, and the vacations are kick-starting, a you need is all break to travel to your fave destination. But for women, it's always icing on the cake if the destination is not just about exotic locales, and scenic beauty, but also about wellness and some pampering. So, if you are one of those who plans to take a wellness break this summer season, then scrolling down till the end of this article is a must, and the next few paras will tell you exactly why!!

Think of the coolest wellness destinations and the first state that comes to our minds is Kerala of course. And, Kochi in Kerala turns our to be that perfect destination to go for, considering it's the hub of all the major activities down south India. But what makes your trip all the more interesting is when you are travelling to this beautiful destination with IHG Rewards Club...

Sohum Spa at Crowne Plaza, Kochi
Yes, we had a chance to explore the wellness aspect of Kochi when we recently travelled with IG to experience it's two lovely hotels- Crowne Plaza Kochi, and HolidayInn Kochi (*the IHG Experiential Series). While the latter was a fun & leisure property that amazed us with its warm hospitality, Crowne Plaza made sure to take care of the wellness aspect in the perfect way possible. Check out how!

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Sohum Spa at Crowne P
laza Kochi
Refreshing Tea Post the Spa
If you are travelling to Kochi, or Kerala to be more precise, it is hard to not to explore the famous Spa treatments of this place and just focus on the backwaters, or the spice markets, or the famous churches. And, that's exactly what we decided to try and experience with IHG Rewards Club. The fact that club membership entitles to such amazing rewards that this international hotel chain offers is  quite a surprise. And, to see such a well-known chain of Spa, which is Sohum Spa at Crowne Plaza Kochi certainly feels like a reward.

We reached this plush hotel one sunny noon this March, and had a smooth check-in. Post a sumptuous luncheon, we did a property tour, and that's when we were shown the spa that already had booked the evening slot for us to try and experience the famous spa treatments of Kerala. when you are travelling with IHG, especially as a Rewards Club member, you know that many such pamperings can come complimentary as each and every travel & stay at their comfy hotels give you reward points that can be used for stay, for food, for airfare, for shopping... and, in our case, for wellness!

The Treatment Rooms at Sohum Spa

The spa at the hotel is located on the second floor, unlike the tucked-in concepts of most of the spas. But the moment you step inside, the whole ambience, the dark tone wooden interiors, and the typical wellness aroma relaxes you in a go.

We checked out the entire spa, and it's reviving therapy rooms. So be it the authentic Shirodhara, the Swedish-style treatments, or the aromatherapy, Sohum at CP knows what exactly a traveller wants, and that's how they recommend the treatment. Since we were keen to experience the stress-relieving massage with the authentic Kerala spice oils, we opted for a 60 mins muscle relaxing massage, followed by the super-reviving steam, and a shower.

The next 60 mins were like a different world all together. The therapist knew her job pretty well, and focused on the problematic areas, like the shoulders the neck, and the lower back. The oils were different for sure, and there was a certain warmth, which probably was because of the spices used in the making of the same...

Post the massage, it was the steam that did the needful. It opens the pores for the oils to penetrate in. Usually, a basic shower is recommended, which means one must let the oil stay overnight on the skin. And that's what we did! Don't even ask how did it feel the next morning.. It's been two months already, and the rejuvenation effect is still very much around.

Kochi is a beautiful city, but if you haven't tried the wellness part of this city, you definitely have missed on something that even the international travellers vouch for. Well, there's always a next time, and let that be this season itself with IHG Rewards Club...

(This was the last feature in the IHG Rewards Club Experiential series...)


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