Monday, June 13, 2016

Get Rid of Monday Blues With Food: Cafe Delhi Heights Review

If Monday's give you the unwanted 'Blues' then it's time to indulge in some great food at a happening ambience. So, if you thought that's it's only weekends that you need to step out to dine out, don't get us wrong but you can do that on a busy Monday evening too, at the newly opened CafĂ© Delhi Heights in Noida.

Cafe Delhi Heights Now in Noida... Mall of India!!
Yes CDH is now fully operational in the busy Mall of India (this has been the talk of the town for quite some time), and though, we visited to experience it last month, the feature is going live a little late. While the mall has many other restaurants, offering some amazing cuisines, CDH stands out. Primarily because of it's location and the great exteriors, and secondly because of the variety of food that it has on it's Menu that's a complete value for money. The pictures below will give you a clear example of the yum food that you can enjoy at the newly opened CDH...

We reached this beautiful restaurant one fine afternoon (Mid May) just to experience the cuisine (mix) that assures value for money. The cuisine is more toward the north Indian flavours, but you can find the famous Mumbai starters in their menu, with a modern twist. We started with the light starters (see pic in your left) and then gradually shifted to combination platters and lastly to a full portion of the main course. What's truly impressive about this restaurant is the portions of food that get to experience. Despite us trying the review portions, the amount of food served will simply delight you. The other thing that you just can't miss noticing is the different seating arrangements (see pic above). From a Dhaba-style dining, to a cosy tucked-in seating, and bohemian style lounge seating, you have ample choices to go for depending on your mood and time you wish to spend there. For a Monday evening, we would any day recommend the tucked-in arrangement as you wanna feel relaxed at the end of the busy day...

Soon some yum dishes kept coming to our table. The chef made sure to offer some low-calorie options too from the healthy side of the menu like the lettuce and pomegranate salad. The flavours are kept as per the choice of the walk-ins who may not be ready to experiment with too much of original side of the dish. But if you are still keen on the authentic styles, our personal recommendation would be the fine dine area with a view of an open European-style kitchen!

A Healthy Yet Fufilling Meal...
And finally, this dish impressed us like anything. Hard to believe but chick peas in baby spinach, served with rice, lachha paratha , mint chutney and yogurt   tasted heavenly. This was a very sophisticated version of the Indian chole, and tasted far better than the authentic one. The healthiest one actually...

Cafe Delhi Heights is a restaurant that will grab your attention just like that! For, it has the quirkiest interiors, some fabulous colours in terms of furniture and furnishing, and needless to say, good selection of food to try out and relish post a hectic day!

What's Interesting: If you are at CDH, you can't afford missing summer special coolers- Paan- day, Gulab- Made, Rose Morning My Love to name a few.

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