Friday, June 17, 2016

Go Arty With Food This Summer

Summer vacations for your children are all about fun time with family and some outdoor travel. But when a hotel invites you for some creative cuisine engagement, you know that there is a new add-on to your kids summer diaries.
Holiday Inn Aerocity recently did one such activity in the capital city to make mums and kids aware of their Kids Menu. Wondering what was it all about? Take a look...

Where Crayons Were One of the Ingredients.... 
Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts, one of the most recognised IHG brands in the world, has partnered with an international food artist to encourage family-friendly ‘fun dining’. And, when we say fun dining,  there is a natural facination for creatures, cartoons and animals among kids. Probaby that's one of the reasons, why the Kids Menu has been crafted in a way that can be created once again, to transform the famous dishes of their menu. While the artist has transformed at least five dishes from the new Kids menu of Holiday Inn restaurant, here in India, the brand invited media with their kids to check out the menu and experience it on there own. Behind the creative cuisine, nutrietent is the key factor as by this manner, your kid ends up eating frood that's loaded with nutrition. A lot of mums out there face this issue of no inclination towards the wellness diet of 12-13 year old kids. They end up eating a lot of junk, and the reason is simple. They find that food more appealing in terms of the look and taste both.

Pita Fish..

Mum Daughter Me-time at Holiday Inn Aerocity,
New Delhi

So when our little reviewer (see pic right) was invite for the Food Art that HI held in their newely opened restaurant, she wasn't expecting terms like  Veggie Pitta Burger would become pitta fish and DIY Lettuce Cup turned out to be Crabby Grabby, and Apple Crumble becoming as Crawly Catterpillar... and much more..
This reviewer was initially lost in the crayons, and later seemed like a pro when it came to the actual preps and the fina dishes.

Crawly Catterpillar.... 
The chef was constanty around to guide and he came up with some fab easy to follow recipes, and  ‘how-to’ guide. Since HI runs on the concept of family and leisure, the brand is constantly looking for ways to improve the experience we offer to guests, and food is a big part of the travel experience. We created our new Kids Menu because we wanted to make sure families are making the most of their time together, with kids enjoying colourful and tasty dishes and with parents.

No wonder, the afternoon was sure a fun for the kid. We personally found some dishes to be really funny & creatuve but the buffet offered was pretty minimalistic though!

Fact File: The HI Kids Menu includes DIY Lettuce Cup, Lamb Skewers, Chicken and Pea Risotto, Rice Paper Rolls, Lentil Curry and Apple Crumble, Fruit Popsicle and Banana Split, made with yoghurt instead of ice cream.

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