Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer-time Fun Learning: Planet Pacific For Your Kid!

Wondering how to keep your cherubs busy in the most creative way when summer vacations are on? Well, this season you can not just keep them super-busy but can also do some fun shopping with a free mind as Pacific mall in the capital is running an exciting "Planet Pacific" kids summer festival. Read this to know more about what your child can get engaged in while you are on a shopping spree...

Pacific Mall is one of the leisure & shopping destinations in the capital city, and women are often seen enjoying this mall with their little ones. This summers, the mall has created huge decorated spaceship (32 ft x32 ft) with a cosmic themed classroom inside that's all about Kids Summer Festival. Called as ‘Planet Pacific’, this is a four-week long festival that recently kick-started with an exclusive preview for 45 differently abled kids from the Capital’s “Chahat Special School.” 

This Spaceship is Is Where the Classes are Going On!

The mall that has more than 130 National and International brands under one roof is offering special Workshops on Art & Crafty, Dance, Ice-cream making, Theatre, conducted annually by Pacific Mall are completely free and parents can register their children to participate in any of the 12 activities listed in the summer program. The ‘Pacific Space Ship’ will take kids on a fun-filled, educational and exciting journey giving the children an opportunity to indulge in a variety of activities like Art and Craft workshops, Theatre Workshop, Table Etiquettes, Dance Classes, Paper Crafts just to name a few. And, all this will happen at the beautiful Science-Cosmic Classroom from noon this the evening. When we asked how will the children be participating and the number of children in each class,  Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director, Pacific Mall said, " We are going to have not more that 20 to 25 children in each class. You see, parents wish to keep their kids engaged in something creative, and creativity comes at leisure and needs some space. There is no point making the class crowded as it's all about fun, and keeping the women relaxed while they are shopping or trying the food in our mall."

Children from Chahat Special School

That's true, and the mall made sure to start the Planet Pacific fest with the differently-abled kids (see pic above).  We also liked the fact that the classes have no such terms and conditions like one need to shop a certain amount and then can get enrolled for them. They are actually complimentary, and there's nothing hidden in the offer.
What more a mum can expect from a commercial venture, it's time to get the glimpse of it and keep your children creatively busy this summer!

Face File: 
Pacific Mall has been successfully conducting free Summer Camps for Kids for the past 5 years and is very popular among both parents and children alike giving the children an access to a wide range of carefully selected activities to keep them entertained and stimulated during the summer holidays. Last year around 2800 kids attended the Summer Camp at the Mall.

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