Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Untouched Treasures of Goa

Goa, one of the sought after destinations of India that is known for its sun, sand, and the scenic sea is the season’s hot flavour once again as the summer vacations have already set-in. But if you thought that Goa is only about the 3S mentioned above, then it’s time for you to explore this beautiful state with a fresh mind and get to know more about the things to do in Goa, in an off-beat way.

Goa Is Much More Than Just the Beaches...

Goa is Not Just the Sea, But Jungles Too 

Yes, many of you may not be aware that Goa is quite known for its jungles too. The Western side of Goa, that’s a little towards Karnataka borders, and is on a higher altitude, has some amazing jungle side. If you ever heard of the famous Dudhsagar falls, it is very much next to the Mollem National Park of Goa. While reaching the exact spot of the mesmerizing falls is an uphill task, once you are there, believe it or not you will forget about the beaches for a moment! And, if that’s not enough, there is this 13th century Mahadev temple right in the middle of jungles of Goa. This one too comes as a pleasant surprise, and you reach this destination post a basic trekking, which is one of the coolest ‘things to do’ when you are in Goa. Located at the western Ghats of Goa, this temple is pretty unheard and has a beautiful carving of 13th century Jain art.

Activities to Do: You can consider this place as a peaceful picnic spot for your family and friends. And, later you can visit the National park and get to witness some rare species of Goan side animals. 
13th Century Shiva Temple is Simply Surreal...

Explore the Goan Farms for Fresh Spices 

If you have a fascination for some cool cooking styles and trying various cuisines, Goa is certainly not going to disappoint you. So, take a break from the boring ‘things to do in Goa’ check-list and for once, just visit the Sahakari Farm located along Belgaum-Ponda highway. The 4- acre farm has loads of things to explore, and learn straight from the farmers themselves. Your love for greens, spices and herbs will get re-defined for sure, if not farming. While the entry to the farm is a ticketed entry, you can actually get to taste the spices with the flavoursome Goan rice right at the farm. Last but not the least, don’t forget to get a few of these farm-grown spices back with you for your loved ones! 

Activities to Do: When you are at a farm, the greens and the aromas of spices will keep you superbly engaged! 

Ditch the Beaches, & Head for Backwaters 

Yes, you heard right! If you thought that Goa is just about ‘the’ Beaches, then chances are that your tourist guide doesn’t know much about this awesome State. Northern Goa has some scenic and untouched backwaters where you can get to see the beautiful Mangroves trail and also Kayak in the backwaters, which is arranged by a few generations old families residing in the Aldona village. And, this is not all! When it’s monsoon, you can spot the dancing peacocks and some rare migratory bird species. 

Activities to Do: This side of Goa offers backwaters, which means that you can take a rowing boat and explore this beauty, go fishing if you want to have fun with family, and not to forget, check out the nearby villages, and connect with the locals over some chat or Goan snacks, which they would offer you, happily! 

So, next time when you are planning to go to Goa, makes sure to add these cool and off-beat destinations and activities on your travel list.

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