Friday, June 10, 2016

When A Smartphone Turns Into a Mentor

It's a Friday, and what better can be a motivation than the very fact that weekend is here, and you can have your 'me-time' in the most leisure way. But hand on! At times, we women need much more than just leisure. It's the constant support, the moral boost, coming from the handful of people in our lives is what matters the most at times. They not just motivate and inspire but also are always around when it comes to any crisis. They are the ones who never let you down...

You see, we all have that one person in our lives, the most trusted, the one who's our pride and strength at the same. While these could be the key features of a person close to, but have you ever thought that in today's technology-driven world, where most of us spend hours on our personal gadgets, especially smartphones, we may be expecting the similar features and characteristics from our gadget too. Are you finding it a little weird or surprising? Well, you actually shouldn't as there is one smartphone brand, which like that one person, will never let you down. Yes, Lava Mobiles takes pride in self on being one of the most trusted brands out there, similar to that one trusted person in our lives. And, Supriya Himanshu, Founder & Editor is sharing how and why this one person in her life has never let her down... No matter what!!

"Despite my venture being a women's only venture, there is this man in my life who's the most trusted one when it comes to sharing concerns and business matters. He is my constant strength, my motivation whatever is the situation like. Yes, I'm certainly hooked to my gadget as being an entrepreneur into an online venture, my gadgets are my lifeline. However, I need that one person to come back to once I'm off my gadgets, and that's my man.. my husband, my friend. Don't feel surprised if I say that yes, he's like Lava Mobiles, that never let you down.. no matter what! I can come back to him, whenever I need him, and he sure doesn't disappoint me, how tired he may be."

She further adds," For a working woman, a busy woman, it's essentially important to be with a select set of people that bring positivity in your lives as a wrong choice of a smartphone can only bring endless frustration (it hangs, it slows down, and it has a pathetic memory), similarly a wrong person who you might feel like depending on can only pull you down, and you may end up feeling drained out. Forget about the trust or the positivity, you will be left with nothing but hang in the middle of nowhere. Isn't that what a bad smartphone does to us?"

I feel glad to have a husband as my strength of pillar around to constantly guide me, help me when I'm in a dilemma, and I can turn to whenever I need him, like all the interesting features of lava mobiles," she sums.
So readers, it's time for you to explore that one trusted person in your lives who #NeverLetsYouDown and you can relate to the moment you touch the screens of your smartphones.

Try it, it's not that crazy an idea, you see!!

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