Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Where Food is Fun: Pirates of Grill Review

Yes, it's been a while we haven't updated the portal. For work was keeping Team Allwhatshewants super-busy, and of course some interesting reviews..

The season of vacations is on-going and many women are finding malls as a great respite to spend some quality time with friends and family. But then, no outing is complete till you enjoy a hearty meal at the best of ambiance, amidst some great flavours. And, we recently got a chance to enjoy something similar at the newly opened Pirates of Grill in the NCR!

Pirates of Grill in Mall of India, Noida
Mall of India, to be more precise, this plush and amazingly spacious restaurant is already buzzing, and we noticed this on the day of the review wherein a cozy corner was assigned for us to try and experience the buffet, and the live grill both. Now, before we take you on the food trial trail, let's understand the F&B concept of POG first. The restaurant is primarily about grill dining, but not in casual but a fine-dine way. Started by two brothers Inderjeet and Jasmeet Banga, POG is a sought after restaurant chain not just in the NCR but also other parts of North India like Chandigarh & Jammu.
While this newbie is more towards a casual style dining, what attracts the foodie here in Noida is the price point at which you get the unlimited buffet. Additional is the grill that's set on your table that you can enjoy while going for the buffet.

And, that's exactly what we did during the POG experience. Being on the vegetarian, we tried things like Mushroom, Paneer, Capsicum, Brocolli just to name a few on the live grill that was set on our table. When it comes to grill, it's the marination that's the trick, and no wonder why at POG you expect the best when it comes to grill.. Pirates therefore ;)

Soon some interesting starters came to our table to try and experience various flavours and techniques with which the chef here at POG has mastered the art of offering some lip-smacking food.

Indian Dessert Jalebi & Rabri
Wonder if mentioning each and every starter in this feature would make sense to you as we could see each and every table that day had something interesting, either from their buffet, the live counter or the grill. The restaurant has a certain way of communication with it's diners, and the live counters were an apt example of the same. Considering MOI is focusing more on the nuclear families, and independent women from corporate, the interiors at POG, and the food menu both are more toward the youth-centric diner. But what's the icing on the cake at this restaurant is the lavish buffet and the personal attention and interaction with the chef himself. The wide-spread buffet comprises of sumptuous starters, main course, desserts be it Indian or Thai. We tried small portions of each section.
However, the notes that stayed with us even after the review were of this guilt -full dessert (see pic above) combo of Jalebi & Rabri. It was sinful, and we totally loved it.

POG makes a perfect choice for women who are looking for some great food, at a pocket-friendly price but at the same time offering a very fine dine sort of experience. And, the waiting outside that day when we experienced the restaurant was a mere indication how people are already loving it. So, make sure to book your table well in advance for the coming weekend!!

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