Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Beauty Basics for the Flawless Looks

So, we had been away for a while.Travel takes a toll on the Blog updates but we are back and all set to bring to you some amazing updates from the world of lifestyle.

Often women are seen struggling with their skincare basics when skin starts showing signs of fatigue, pigmentation, dullness, slight wrinkles and so. The age of your skin is not enough to jump to the anti-aging bandwagon, and it still needs a care and treatment without being called an aging skin. If you are in such a dilemma, then it's time for you to check out Lumiere Dermatology by Dr. Kiran Lohia

Dr. Kiran Lohia During
 the Treatment
Dr. Kiran Lohia is a well-known name in the field of dermatology and beauty aesthetics. Born and brought up in the US, she moved to the capital city of India a few years back post her marriage and created a niche for herself with Luimere Dermatology. And, we got a chance to visit her plush clinic sometime back last month. Like any woman, the concerns were pretty basic like how to get a flawless-looking skin with a natural radiance. We knew about her amazing premium facials that can make you look like a red carpet diva and that's exactly we came to experience. But Dr. Kiran is a professional, you see. She first decided to to do the skin consultation (check the snap chats that we did) , din-in into the lifestyle, particularly the sun exposure that a woman experiences daily, and then came up with her customized recommendations.

This assured us further to go for the treatment that she recommended. " My facials give you a drastic makeover and a lot of happy clients vouch for it. But, I also need to see the routine of any woman who walks into my clinic. She might be looking for that perfect radiance on her skin but if her skin is exposed to the sun often, especially when UV rays are most harmful then I can't recommend certain treatments as I know the effort is futile. Most women in India have pigmentation, dull and dead skin that tend to ignore for various reasons. One such treatment that takes care of all these is Renew Laser Toning . The results are visible in just one sitting and there are no major side effects," summed Dr. Kiran.

We decided to go as per her recommendation, and it was a big assurance when we found that she was the one who was going to give the treatment herself. This treatment is like an exfoliation in a non-surgical way. It's only the superficial layer of your facial skin that is treated via a mild laser and thus, there is no significant damage to
Post the Treatment Look...
your skin.

For us it was an amazing experience as Dr. Kiran herself was around and giving the treatment. The process involves a basic skin cleansing with a bubble face wash (see pic above).The bubbles have oxygen that bursting and penetrating into your skin. This is later followed by the actual laser toning process. The picture to your left has been taken post the treatment, and you feel the cleansed look on your face . There are no signs of pigmentation and you realize that your skin has suddenly started breathing the fresh air.

While Lumiere Dermatology by Dr. Kiran Lohia is a sheer luxury and you may feel the facials or some premium treatments coming at a cost but then women shouldn't forget the fact that... they are worth every bit of it!!

What's Interesting?

Dr. Kiran makes sure to suggest you a bespoke treatment whether you like it or not. for us the facial that we decided to experience was disapproved and we simply loved her straightforward approach to her patients. After all, she knows what all 'she' wants ;)

Renew Laser Toning is priced at INR 15000/- + taxes and the duration of the treatment is around 40 minutes

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