Friday, July 8, 2016

Bollywood & It's Love for Smarphones!

In today's social media world, where we are always in a hurry to share our happy & fun moments with the virtual friend circle, the smartphone or the gadget plays a quintessential role in expressing the way of our social-savvy life. If that's the case with us, imagine the life of Bollywood celebrities who are making sure to reach out to their fans by al the social media means, be it the Instagram, Snap chat, Facebook or so. During the recently concluded IIFA Awards in Madrid, which we attended, we managed to speak to some of the best bollywood celebrities just to know and understand how much their smartphone means to them.

Bollywood Celebrities During IIFA 2016 Press Conference, Madrid 
Since we had an amazing partner Huawei India on board with us for all the candid clicks during IIFA 2016, and we were using the newest launch #Honor5C from the brand, we tried keeping a close watch on the gadgets that these celebrities were using or carring, may be! Almost all denied sharing the brands that they were loyal too, but we still managed to get some bytes on what their smartphone means to them...Take a look!

" I love snap Chat, tell me the lines,"
She Said During our Short Snap Chat With her

" Can't Imagine Life Without my Smartphone"

Yes, Sonakshi Sinha was the first with whom we did a uick snapshat at IIFA, in Madrid. She is a pro when it comes to snapchat and that made us al the more curious to know more about her smartphone (she wasn't carrying one during the press interviews). This picture in your right is from her Instagram handle, and she told us, " I know all about OOTDs, snap chat, selfies and all that you girls do these days. That's how life is, and it's so much fun. Yes, a right smartphone with a decent camera is what makes it all the more effective," she summed.

No wonder, her team of stylists, and make up experts all use that perfect smartphone which is camera ready... Always!!

Would you like to know what smartphone dod we us to chat with her? Of course, Honor5C!

" Selfies During Travel is Just a Way
to Update my Fans," Said Priyanka Chopra

" It's a Virtual World That Rules" 

The next we interviewed and did a Snap Chat with was the beautiful priyanka Chopra. She's a pro when it comes to smartphone. If you follow her closely on Instagram, you can figure that out. Be it the perfect Selfies, the candid clicks in-between her shoots, you can see Priyanka giving her fans some sneak-peek to her life and travel over all. " I love the way social media has come up, I mean today I meet Bloggers and all they want to do is one snap chat and a quick selfie at the end. It's fun, it's quick and it goes live there and then so you are organicaly connected with your followers. Yes, I want that perfect smartphone that's super-chic and still gives damn good results," she closed on this note.

Oh yes, Priyanka! We know your smartphone and your Instagram updates do give a hint to your fave one...

We later spoke to celebrities like Frieda Pinto, Tiger Shroff, Anil Kapoor (who's not a social media person & feels his kids are doing that job perfectly) Shahid Kapoor and so, and while all were busy doing their bits of updates on social media, they were making sure not to talk about their smartphones. Well, doesn't matter as we know that even a celebrity needs a right gadget partner be it during travel, during the shoots, at home, or the brand endorsements.

For us, it was Honor5C that did a great job throughout the IIFA & thus, we managed some fabulous clicks, videos and snap chats.

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