Monday, July 11, 2016

For Your Maniac Monday: Asian Roots Spa Review

When Mondays turn maniac and it feel like taking that rejuvenating break then no need to think twice and simply head to a spa that can de-stress you in no time! Yes, a spa break is not supposed to be a weekend engagement, especially when your Mondays are a little crazier than usual. We say so as there is a fantastic spa, like Asian Roots int eh capital city that can offer you that assured rejuvenation that you were looking for towards the end of your craziest day.

The Luxurious Interiors at Asian Roots...
We experienced and tried this spa on a regular day as we were invited to check out one of their signature therapies. Guess what? We decided to experience Balinese Massage followed by a refreshing body polishing and super steam.

Soak to Relax!
Those who are a regular at spas in India, they are quite familiar to the beautiful Asian Roots. With more than decade in the industry, and having some sincere clientele, AR is one of the luxury spas of NCR. But surprisingly, this was our first to such an amazing luxury, despite trying and reviewing so many spas over the years. Anyways, we reached AR as per the appointment, and the team was well-informed in advance about the same. The moment you step inside this luxury, you are surprised as the exteriors don't give you any hint of the super-size it has from the inside. You instantly feel the space like any of the hotel spas and thus tend to forget  (for a while) that's one of the sought-after stand-alone spa with no franchise or chains across India. Soon the therapist arrived and took us for the basic consultation and we enjoyed soaking our feet in this luxury (see pic above). It's quite calming even though your feet are cleansed and scrubbed hardly for a few minutes.

The Therapy Room is Blissful & Sheer Beauty...
This is Before..
And, After..
Skin is Radiant & Fresh!
Post this, we headed to our spa room (see pic in left). It was all set for the Balinese massage and our therapist Anne was quick enough to explain the steps and the oils to be selected for the massage. We opted for a mid-pressure massage in Spice Oil, a rare option considering most women go for Jasmine probably. It was a 90 minutes massage, and since the Balinese massage is supposed to activate your lymphatic system, to improvise the blood circulation that's why the manual pressure is the key to this massage technique. We had an amazing professional here and nowhere during the massage we experienced any pain or wrong points getting massaged. When you doze off during any spa treatment, it's an easy indication that the therapy is going in the right direction. So, here too, the nap was interrupted for the body polishing and stream, later. Polishing is primarily scrub application, the ingredients we don't remember much. But the skin does feel soft, and there is a certain radiance that you notice post the treatment. That's why we decided to share before and after pictures for you to understand how different it feels. and the icing on the cake is of course, the steam, which is an ultimate detoxification. You step out lighter and better. There is a certain agility in your body , and the stiffness because of the crazy Monday is all gone!!
Asian Roots is one of the spas that we enjoyed thoroughly and won't hesitate in suggesting the same to our lovely readers. Now, how about you giving it a try and come back revived.. just like us!

Fact File: 
Asian Roots is a luxury spa with a mix of traditional therapies from Bali, Japan, Thailand & India.It offers various beauty and wellness services such as Unisex Day Spa , Unisex Salon , Bridal studio , Unisex Medi Spa , DHI , Dentistry and more. The spa measures up to the guidelines set by the Day Spa Association of USA.

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