Friday, July 8, 2016

Get Instaxicated With the Old-world Charm!

Capturing the fun and happy moments of your life and sharing them with the world via a DSLR has been in trend for quite some time. We all have seen the insane craze for the digital photography off late. Thanks to the social media world where everyone is in a hurry to share their moments of joy with the digital world in seconds.
But have you ever missed flipping through the photo albums, or wondered going back to the print world of photography where you would eagerly wait for the copies to get printed just to see the result and how you looked in those moments... the hard copy of your photograph has it's own charm, and while the world may be going gaga over the DSLRs, there will always be those few who would wish to go back, sit in a relaxed way and flip through the photo albums, at leisure.

Well, you don't have to go too far for this as FujiFilm India is here to Instaxicate you with it's new range of Instax cameras and much more, take a look.

Experiencing Mini 8 Joybox Launch by FujiFilm India With Our Little Reviewer...
The brand recently organized an 'Instax Meet' to familiarize the blogging world with the beautiful Instax Mini 8 Joybox. You might be wondering what exactly it is the way we were surprised as the little reviewer (in the pic) with Allwhatshewants already is a proud owner of Mini 8 and thus, she joined us with total curiosity to know more about the joy box :)

Instax Mini 8 Joybox Comes Loaded With Cutesy Items, Including a Selfie Mirror!
Now, before we tell you further about the Joybox, let us first understand the Instax story. Since the photography world is predominantly ruled by DSLRs, how is Instax range of cameras from FujiFilm are creating their own niche. " There is a certain charm to the printed version of photographs, and no one can deny this fact. I realized after using this camera that you get to capture some candid moments in the most natural way, and can stack them forever, can gift it to your dear ones, can create bespoke gifts for friends and family and what not. If you know the basic art of photography, then Mini 8 is just beautiful. Especially, for fashion and lifestyle bloggers, this goes well with your style and you can carry it so glamorously," said well-known photographer Bikram Das who was invited to share his own experience with the brand. 

Say Hello to Hello Kitty
So, with the Instax range, you can actually get the photograph instantly. You can create a nice collage of fashion, beauty, your own memories, a beautiful decor with printed versions of your photographs all around, making it look Bespoke, and much more... The joy box is a newer surprise from the brand as it comes with a cover bag, a selfie mirror, stickers, a marker pen and of course the films to capture the images on. Since we already had one Mini 8 (in strawberry colour) , the brand shared this beauty (in your right) with us for the exclusive review and experience. This one is Instax Hello Kitty and is sheer beauty. 

We are soon bringing to you an exclusive Style shoot with this as a prop on our social media and some travel features by this month end. 

Stay tuned, and till then make sure to get Instaxicated...

FujuFilm has Mini 8 Joy Box, Mini 8, Instax Hello Kitty Neo Classic Mini 90, Mini 70, and Wide 300 in the current Instax range of products, available globally. 


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