Friday, July 1, 2016

IIFA 2016 & Amazon Fashion Diaries

It's time to bring to our readers the updates of the recently concluded IIFA 2016 that we got a chance to attend this weekend, in Madrid. Yes, Allwhatshewants, the only Digita Media from the capital city, attended the 17th International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) that happened in Madrid, the beautiful and capital city of Spain last week. 

When it's an international Indian cinema event, which is all about the best of faces from Bollywood, it's utmost important to mark your presence with the right fashion and style statement. And, we made sure to put our foot best, as we had Amazon Fashion India as our fantastic wardrobe partner for this prestigious event. Dr. Supriya Himanshu, Founder & Editor, represented her venture, at IIFA2016 with much elan and elegance in the super-stylish, yet comfortable wardrobe from the Online giant Amazon Fashion India. And, it's time for our readers to check out what she wore at IIFA16 in Madrid...

"What I Wore at IIFA16 From Amazon's Fab Collection"
" It was my first IIFA, and I wanted to put my best foot forward. But that certainly didn't mean, I wished to go for the heavy designer wear styles that usually are more about the designer than the wearer. That's when Amazon Fashion India came in the picture. It's one of the best fashion portals that can offer you a perfect mix of newest trends, subtle design elements, and an array of national and international brands to choose from. While I selected a wardrobe that was a mix of both Indian and modern contemporary styles, I finally ended up flaunting the later one considering the prior one was going a little impractical considering the venue and the event both.

The IIFA itinerary primarily had evening events, like IIFA Rocks and IIFA Awards but the day press conferences, meeting and chatting with the celebrities required a look that wasn't over-the-top, and yet chic and international. And, that's how I selected more of dresses. From casual to comfy, and from sheer to off-shouldered, my Amazon Fashion wardrobe for the IIFA was a great mix of feminine styles. The pictures here are from the different events, site visits in Madrid and press conferences.

Yes, I did check out some of the heritage and famous parks, museums, palaces of Madrid as any travel is incomplete till you visit the best of the locations of that city. Here too Amazon's fashion attires played a perfect role as most of them were like IIFA to site visit styles, which I could easily carry to any of Madrid's hot-spots. The selfies clicked at these places are simply revealing the happy me in my Amazon wardrobe.

For women who are solo travellers it's really important to go for a stylish and elegant travel wardrobe and with online shopping as one of the respites in today's busy life, it's all the more easy to go for what you want and deserve. I liked the way Amazon Fashion India offers an amazing variety of brands as I ended up selecting brands like GAS, Marks & Spencer, Avirates, Soie, Bata just to name a few. Had it not been Amazon, wonder what had been my IIFA look-book like," sums Supriya Himanshu.

So, what's gonna be your fashion wardrobe the next time you are travelling to an international destination? Stay tuned and keep watching this space as we are soon bringing to you the Bollywood celeb's styles from IIFA, and how you can find something similar on Amazon Fashion India.. in just a click!!

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