Monday, July 11, 2016

Watch Your Child With a Watch!

It's a busy Monday for many mums out there, especially those who are multi-taskers and have one side of their personalities keeping a close check on their kids when they are not around or are off to the workplaces.

iRist, Makes a Great Choice!

Yes, a lot of parents, mums in particular wish to stay connected with their kiddos even when they are out at their workplaces. While nannies, daycares and joint families are the convenient arrangements for your children, you still want to keep a close check on their routine and whereabouts. Well, this is no big a challenge now, as Intex iRist Junior, the latest smart watch from Intex Pvt Ltd. is here to offer you the peace of mind that had been missing in your lives for quite some time.

We received this beautiful smartwatch last month for a first-hand experience, and here we are to tell you the key features of this cutesy watch, and why you should be going for it...Take a quick look!!

Smart & Safe

iRist is a beauty and give a cool look when a kid wears it. But that's what the USP of this wrist watch is. The watch is primarily a tracking and a call device to keep an eye on the well-being and safety of your child.

The Stunning Colour Range of iRist...

The watch works on a 2G network (unfortunately) and as per the brand, it's a location-based service (LBS). Which means, that you can track the location of your child once your smartphone is connected and synced with this watch. We connected the smartphones at home with this one just to try and experience it's features. It's actually pretty easy and interesting. Once connected, you know where your child ios, and can track the location just with a button. Additional, you can actually create a fencing or a barring in which a limited location movement is allowed to your child. So, once the child steps out of it, you get notification from the watch on your smartphone just to update about your child.
Since it is GPS enabled, you don't need to call at home every now and then to inquire about your child, but you can simply call your kid on the watch itself...
How interesting, isn't it? The watch has an Auto Call and Voice Chat feature, and we tried and loved this feature. The voice feature is a cool communication way, and even children love it. What we particularly liked is the SOS button ( on the top right side). Just one press by your kid, and you get an alert signal but this is sent only to those that are connected with the iRist. Remember, we told you that you need to connect this smartwatch with your smartphone!

iRist is a very good choice for mums who are busy and have long working hours at their offices. It seems like the idea behind making such a watch is to ensure your child’s safety and fun at the same time. It's perfectly kid-friendly and the little reviewer at our workplace just loved it... Make sure to check out our Socia Media as we are soon featuring the exclusive shoot with this chic product...

Fact File: 
The Intex iRist Junior comes at INR 3,999/-.

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