Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Your Celeb Style is Just a Click Away!

If you thought that our #IIFAMadrid chapters are over, then let us tell you that you are wrong this time! IIFA16 saw the who's who of the Bollywood world, putting their best foot forward, in the super-stylish ways. Be it the gorgeous Deepika Padukone, the super-talented Priyanka Chopra, Bubbly Sonakshi Sinha, mesmerizing Shilpa Shetty  or the newly wed super-adorable Bipasha Basu.. the list is endless and so is the OOTD of these divas. Thanks to their team of stylists, make-up experts, hair stylists that we get to see the best of their avatars at such prestigious award events.

But a normal working woman, in a 9 to 6 job, or an entrepreneur in her regular meetings and travel, or even the housewife busy with the mundane doesn't have the luxury and time to go for such lavish teams. Does that mean you gotta deprive yourself with the trendy fashion looks??

Definitely not, and that's where Amazon Fashion India fits in perfectly. The brand, which assures to offer a fashion-savvy woman an array of styles, trends, designer collection to choose and create their own fashion looks was our wardrobe partner during the IIFA16 trip to Madrid. Out previous feature was all the OOTDS that we did with Amazon Fashion India in Madrid while attending the 17th IIFA Awards there.

Don't even think about it as we are here to bring to you the best of fashion when it comes to latest styles, trendiest colours, quirkiest cuts and textures as everything is very much available on Amazon India's e-comm portal. The celebs that you see in this feature may be flaunting the Bespoke designer styles but you can always find something similar to this at Amazon Fashion India at a much reasonable price and value. The wardrobe that we carried at the IIFA16 was almost 1/10th of the price of what these celebrities were flaunting, and yet it looked equally stylish and modern.

Be a Celeb With Amazon Fashion

First thing first, what exactly our lovely celebrities were wearing? As the pictures suggest, most women went for evening gowns, day dress, and some tried formal trousers too. And, male celebrities like Shahid Kapoor, Karan Johar, Fawad Khan just to name a few,they all ended up wearing black suit, some like Sonu Sood did experiment with colours like Brick Red with textured and looked pleasantly different.. Now, don't be surprised if we tell you that al these styles are available at your Amazon Fashion India, and we thought of bringing a few to you.. just like that!

As you can see in the pictures above, these are some new arrivals on Amazon, and can be easily worn for a Red Carpet look. Well, even if you are not heading for that or any award ceremony, these are picture looks that a woman can go for during her special occasions at work or family.

Coming to men now, the black is not going anywhere, and that's why you find ample variety of black suits for men at Amazon.

Most men celebs were Bow-tie at the IIFA Green Carpet, and look what we found at Amazon? Isn't this the same style that you were thinking for your special day, be it with friends or a celebration at home...

 There is no dearth of designer styles, red or green carpet styles at this fantastic e-commerce portal. If you have an eye for fashion, believe in your style sense, and an audience to admire and appreciate, then there is nothing stopping you going for it.

Who knows your IIFA moment is waiting just for the right style statement, and now you know the answer... Amazon Fashion India!!

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