Monday, August 8, 2016

Beat Your Monday Blues With Flavours From the Lost World!

If you feel that you are back to your Monday morning blues, and the weekend fun has vanished suddenly, then let us take you back to it with this interesting feature on lost recipes and food trails to the roads less travelled...
Yes, the days to come are offering you the same weekend food fun and it's not by any regular restaurant but K3 at JW Marriott NewDelhi Aerocity.

K3, JW Marriott Aerocity, New Delhi

Aloo Badi ki Tikki...

Banarasi Paan ke Kabaab was the Show-stopper!

 Treasures of the Grand Highway

Bhatti ke Paneer Tasted Really Good!

So, this was one of the finest afternoons that we spent recently when JW (that's how women call it shortly) invited us to experience it's
Dessert Platter was a Cool Assortment of
Typical Indan Desserts...
Treasures of the Grand Highway, a food-fest conceptualised by the newly appointed Executive Chef Vivek Bhatt. Oh, he's not a new face of Marriott chain but was with the hotel's Mumbai kitchens. The whole idea did sound interesting, for the reason being this highway, which was centuries ago called as Grand Trunk Road, made by Sher Shah Suri was known to have crossed several regions and thus, had many food trails to dig into and explore. 

Chef Vivek tried his best to make us experience some of the well-known dishes, rather lost Recipes from Kabul to Kolkata. In fact, this is the ongoing food festival at K3 that we had gone to try and taste.

The Highlights

While it is definitely not easy to sum up all the dishes of this grand highway, which is what it is called now, we managed to try some great flavours, paired with some interesting cocktails and mocktails the other day at K3

There is something special about K3, the ambience is one thing that as a woman diner you can't avoid noticing. The restaurant has a certain personality that is quite elegant and appealing and it's the food that of curse draws you to this place time and again. And, chef Vivek was personally preparing all the dishes that fine afternoon for us to try and enjoy. Yes, we did enjoy dishes like Bhatti ke Paneer, Aloo Bad ke Kabaab, Banarasi Paan ke Kabaab, and many other that kept coming one after the other. Well, if we remember these few names, then sure they tasted really good. though, we were pretty naive when it came to the historic food journey of his route. Nonetheless, what did matter was how well the chef presented this journey, and he told us that each day of this food festival will witness different dishes and flavours. So, if you have tried something on day one, you might be surprised by the chef on the very next day. 

We especially liked the dessert platter, which was more towards the Delhi and Kolkatta side. Although, the recipes are researched and curated from key cities on this highway including Kabul, Peshawar, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Delhi, Banaras, Kolkata and more, we had a good time enjoying  the basics...

It's not too late for you to ditch your Monday blues and indulge in the culinary magic of this route, well presented by Executive Chef Vivek Bhatt and Chef Mohammad Asif, Junior Sous Chef at JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity.. The name is K3!!

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