Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Forget Midweek Blues, and Think Wellness Travel: Suryagarh Series

If midweek is giving you the unwanted blues, how about taking a break and get into some travel mode? With Monsoon comes the festival and celebration season and August is exactly the month that gets to witness women gearing up for their quickie travel breaks. And this travel season, we tell you to not just settle for any travel but a complete leisure, luxury and rejuvenating experience...

Suryagarh Jaisalmer, one of the most beautiful hotels of Rajasthan is what we recently visited (this was the second visit to this splendid beauty) for our "She Travel" series. This uber luxury, at the outskirts of Jaisalmer city is one destination that sure deserves to be part of your bucket list and we'll give you ample reasons during this three-feature series. While the later features will talk about the StayWell concept of Suryagarh and how it goes well with a she traveller, this particular feature is here to beat your midweek madness as we share the exclusive experience of this exotic Spa at Suryagarh.

Rait, The Spa at Suryagarh

The city may not boost of stand-alone spas that can be tried during your fun travel to Jaisalmer and that's why a wellness stay at this luxe hotel is what you crave for. Rait is what they call it is simply blissful. The spa has a certain grandeur that invites you to experience it, especially it's Salt treatment that we found to be one of the signature therapies here.

Rait, The Spa at Suryagarh Jaisalmer
For an avid 'She Traveller' a rejuvenation offered using some key local ingredients is a surreal experience, and we felt somewhat similar. The moment you step in at Rait, Mr. Mahesh, the Manager greets you with a pleasing smile. You see, this hotel has a special charm not because of the super comfort and royal treatment it offers, but also because of the pleasing staff that smiles whole-heartedly.  He soon briefed us about the signature therapies of the spa, did a brief consultation and asked for personal preferences.

Go the Salty Way for a Total Detox

The salt therapy is what we decided to go for as it was exciting to see a local salt named Luni to be used in this deep tissue massage therapy. We were still wondering about the role of salt, though we knew that it is purely for the detox and sheer relaxation of the stiff muscles. The Masseuse quickly guided us to the room  (see pic at left). The therapy room was no less that a suite. Suryagarh has this amazing eye to detailing that a  woman traveller feels pampered and well-taken care to the brim.

The Salt Bed With Crystal Lamps Makes You Feel Fab! 

This was visible in the therapy room too. The masseuse was a pro, and post changing and lying down for the therapy, she specifically asked for the troubled areas where the pressure during the deep tissue massage was needed the most. She in no time briefed about the cute little poultices that were primarily filled with the local salt Luni and how these

would be soaked in the infused aroma oils to relax the muscles. This massage continued for almost 60 mins (though we were in a hurry so she did finish in 50mins or so) This simply makes you doze off, and you suddenly realize that the massage is done, and it's now time to head to this cosy bed, which is called a salt bed.

Oh yes, this part of the signature spa is truly exciting and unusual. You are asked to lie down on the bed whose base is salty.The moment you are there, the masseuse quickly starts putting more salt on your body, spreading it evenly and then wrapping you in a hot towel for a complete detox. This could be your me-time as there are headphones on your ears, and while listening to the soothing spa music, you in no time go in deep sleep. After good 15 mins, she politely interrupts your nap and takes you to the steam and bath area, which is there in your suite itself.

The lovely combination of massage, salts, steam and bath works brilliantly well on your troubled body as you feel much lighter post the session. You are offered the tea of your choice and Mr. Mahesh says goodbye to you, with a pleasing smile one more time!

There is no dearth to spas and destinations for a 'She' traveller but it's the Suryagarh that makes to the top of your wish-list when the season is Monsoon, and the destination  is Jaisalmer! Don't wonder if you end up saying, " What midweek blues? Ain't heard it before."

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