Monday, August 15, 2016

Get Set For Cool, Crazy & Sexy Hair-styles: EIMI Range Review

When the season is of festivities and celebrations, then your look sure needs to boost your festive mood. And what better way to perk up your looks than playing with your hairdo and hairstyle? Oh yeah! Women feel great and happy when their lovely locks are looking perfect and super-stylish. Especially, in this rainy season where you experience limp, stickiness and hair fall. If you are thinking we are gonna suggest you taking a new trendy haircut and visit your hairstylist, then guess what? You certainly don't need to splurge on any plush salon or stylist as Wella India has brought in this amazing range of styling products that we experienced and tried for more than a fortnight before bringing it to our dear readers...

Get Ready to Try EIMI Styling Range From Wellla India

EIMI Styling Range By Wella Professionals

Be you the volume seeker, the beach wave lover, or the crazy wild style chaser, the new EIMI styling range of products from Wella India are here to offer you a 'Bespoke' experience with this cool new range of products. The range now completes the brand's some 31 new products under EIMI range of hair styling products. Well, we tried three of them (see pic in left). So, what we were primarily looking for was a good volume in hair as the weather was playing a villain, the natural finish and shine and of course a relief from the regular hair wash as the stickiness makes your hair stink in just 48 hours in monsoon season. We tried and tested - Dry Me, Root Shot , and Perfect Me. 

Dry Me, Easy & Fabulous 

This is a dry shampoo that assures a cleanse fragrance-full scalp and of course a great volume. For someone who's used to the regular gel shampoo, this comes as a wonderful surprise as post a few sprays on your hair, you just need to comb your hair. There's a perfect shine that doesn't look artificial and the bounce and volume is something that you simply can't ignore! Your hair smell great and you know that you are ready for the celebrations.

Root Shoot for a Diva Style

Not everyone is comfortable is trying styling products on dry hair. For them, Root Shoot comes as a boon. It can be easily applied post the bath and hair wash, literally in your damp hair. Then, follow it with a quick blow-dry and the style that you personally prefer. Your hair look set as you've just stepped out of a plush salon. Make sure to pump as per the length of your hair. It's milder in fragrance compared to Dry Me and most of you out there will find it quite appealing.

Perfect Me, For the Elegant 'You' 

Oh, this actually so perfect! It's texture and colour will make you feel as if you are applying some moisturising lotion on your face. but beware, it's a hair moisturiser and assures protection, smoothness and takes care of the fly-aways. Perfect Me is lightweight and doesn't make your hair look greasy, unlike any other styling moisturizer. We applied it after some days of using the other styling products when hair felt a little dry and hard. Apply it from mid-length to the end of your locks, and feel the smoothness and softness there and then. Don't confuse it with hair-oil as Perfect Me is for styling and protection. It makes a great choice for evening celebration look when you want your hair to settle and relax...

The EIMI range from Wella Professionals India comes with a revolutionary technology that is going to create some creative styles for the ramp fashion. The best part of such professional range from Wella India is that you don't need to be a stylist or a model to flaunt a stylish look. The simple presence of this range on your dressing table will assure that a diva is about to step out to celebrate and enjoy life.. just like that!!

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