Monday, August 22, 2016

Go Healthy & Relaxed Post a Busy Monday; EEST Review

When Mondays are busy and hectic, then make them go a little relaxed and healthier by opting for the best of dining by the end of the day. And, we thought of bringing to you the glimpse of our recent healthy and tasty cuisine experiential at EEST from Westin Gurgaon...

If you are one of those who missed the weekend dining out luxury for some reasons, then let your busy days end on a relaxing and yum notes and what better than the very first day of the week- Monday.
Clear Soup to Tantalise Your Taste Buds...

 Refreshing New Menu at EEST

Yes, we are saying so as the beautiful EEST, the authentic Asian cuisine restaurant in Westin, Gurgaon has just come up with it's all new refreshing menu that sure has some great flavours and options that may excite your taste buds, especially the ones that look for healthier platters. We visited this plush restaurant on a monsoon noon early this month to try and taste the Chinese new menu, conceptualised by expat chef John Qiao, Chef De Cuisine at EEST. The occasion was special as he's the newly appointed chef who hails from Shanghai, China. Should we expect some Shanghai dishes and flavours in the menu, well, we did but the chef surprised us when he said, " The new menu is more of a blend of Cantonese and Sichuan Chinese, though I have tried to add my style of flavours to the menu so you may get the hint of Shanghai style cuisine here and there."

Healthy Platters to Try for...
 This was enough for a diner who primarily visits a restaurant with a purpose of good food, in a luxe setting. And, EEST and the newly appointed chef both do a perfect justification to your expectations. So from the clear broccoli and coriander soup, crispy fried spinach , silken tofu soaked in soya sauce, to some healthy vegetables and herb rice, we tried some easy vegetarian options from the new menu. While we may be remembering the authentic names of these dishes, we know that the flavours and the food that we experienced was sheer Chinese with no intention of turning it to Indian taste buds or palate. You see, that's the beauty of any authentic cuisine, retaining the age-old cooking styles and simply modifying it to suit the modern contemporary dining ambience.

An Unusual but Yum Dessert..
Chocolate Dumpling with Vanilla Ice Cream 
Chef John has more than two decades of experience in the F&B industry and has been associated with Starwood Hotels for quite some time. While we were trying these super-healthy dishes, he explained to us how Shanghai food is a little different from the Cantonese or Sichuan cuisine. " Shanghai style cooking is towards the milder flavours, you will see a lot of use of seafood, rawness in cooking. Indians love the spices and so do Chinese and thus, the new menu is more towards the Cantonese and Sichuan side," summed chef John..

We don't know what exactly the Indians love but as women we sure had a great experiencing the new menu and have plans to visit this beautiful restaurant to check out the Thai and Japanese kitchens, which is also what it is famous for!

Fact File: 
EEST is a fine-dine Asian cuisine restaurant in Westin Gurgaon, and the new Chinese menu at this restaurant is operational for foodies to try for. Price for Two: On Request

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