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Go Luxurious With Your Beauty Basics During Travel-time

It's a fresh Monday morning of the very August month. With monsoons being on a full swing in our country, and a special month like August that gets to witness many festivals, celebrations and thus, holidays, many of you out there might have some great travel plans already in the pipeline. So, if you are travelling to an exotic destination that can assure a luxurious pampering to the lady traveller in you, we tell you to go right with your travel beauty basics, and that too in the most luxurious way possible. 

Beauty Basics While Travelling to a Luxury Destination..
The Beautiful Kit of L'Occitane.. Easy To Carry !
Yes, a woman must not underestimate her travel beauty needs, especially when she's travelling to a destination that shows extreme contrasts in the climate even during monsoons. Skincare and basic beauty touch-ups are a must, be it a leisure travel or an adventurous one. After all, we all follow the basic CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturising). But why to settle for justs any Tom Dick and Harry beauty brand during your exotic travel when L'Occitane is around to offer you the best of French pampering?

Go Luxurious With L'Occitane Skincare & HairCare For Travel

You see, women believe in the best, be it the destination they're travelling to, or the beauty kit they are carrying while travelling. While there are many who believe in simplicity and are just happy with their moisturiser or probably nothing, there are others (the special ones) who make sure to pack the best of beauty for their travel needs. And, this feature is definitely for the latter!

L'Occitane offers you some lovely choices to pack and experience, and we tried and enjoyed the luxury of this beautiful French brand during our trip to Jaisalmer (Suryagarh Hotel). Rajasthan is simply amazing to travel to during monsoons and the weather makes L'Occitane an apt choice for a 'she' traveller. So, be it the beauty products like shower gel, suncreen, CC Cream or a hand cream, and haircare like a Shampoo & a conditioner or a soothing perfume, this is one brand that assures to take care of al your needs in a very natural way...
Don't Ignore Your Hands Even During Travel-time... 
Since Jaisalmer is a little dry and sunny during the daytime, the Roses et Reines Hand & nail cream and Arl├ęsienne Hand Cream from the brand proved worth every bit of it. We were hooked to the second one as it was non-sticky and just one application was enough to take care of your hands throughout the day. We were enjoying the city and doing the dunes tour during the daytime, and with this hand cream already on the skin, we knew that the skin is pretty safe and sound even it's windy and dusty outside.
For the Damage Control During Travel...
The other products that are a great choice for any travelling enthusiast are the Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo, Aromachologie Repairing Conditioner. Not that your hair are damaged and need a repair but this shampoo from Loccitane makes sure to control the abuse or the damage that your lovely locks might experience during a travel to a dry zone like Rajasthan. The fragrance is quite appealing and you are hooked to it immediately after one usage. The conditioner, on the other hand only enriches the softness and the natural lustre of your hair.
Personal Care The Choice of the Product Get You in Your travel Moods!
How could your luxury travel give you that awesomeness without the right shower gel? The Verbena Shower Gel that comes loaded with such an addictive fragrance of lemongrass is the best of shower gel a woman can ask for during her travel. Your skin feels revived post the shower or a tub bath. A little heavy on lather, this mild shower gel is quite tender to your body and the overall fragrance is women-friendly.
Beauty Must-haves During Monsoon Season Travel!

But the ones that we loved and used the most are these one- this trio of Arl├ęsienne Hand Cream, Peony CC Cream, and Aromachologie Revitalizing Fresh Sun Protection Mist (for hair) proved to a perfect choice for our travel to Jaisalmer as the sand and the screaming sun play havoc on your locks, especially if you have got fresh highlights done. The CC cream with a 20 SPF was so light and spread even that you don't feel the need of any foundation on the same. Your skin stays protected during your outdoorsy visits and if you still feel the need of more SPF than the sun protection mist is cool enough to keep you guarded in sunlight. We tried both these products on a daily basis during our 3-day trip to Suryagarh, Jaisalmer. We carried a few more like Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette and Citrus Verbena Sorbet Cream but didn't feel much of a need to experience and use them

Travel diaries are no wonder about the destinations that you travel to and the fun you have at such destination. But why to come back home with your skin and hair ignored like anything? Brands like Loccitane are offering you some fabulous choices in beauty and since the products are handy and are also available in travel packs, it's hight time for women to take care of their skin and hair during work or leisure travel.

Product Price & Availability 
The prices of all the featured products are on request and, each of the featured products is available at the respective stores of L'Occitane in India and globally...

Shoot Courtesy:, Shoot Location: Suryagarh* Hotel, Jaisalmer 

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    Make sure to carry a good sunscreen, a matte moisturizer for your beach travel..

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