Monday, August 1, 2016

Happy Feet is Where Your Fitness Is: ASICS Tiger Review

Are you one of those who's mornings kick-start on a super brisk walk or those who get up to start with their kick-ass jog? Whichever category you are in, the new ASICS Tiger from ASICS India are here to woo you with it's impressive look and fab comfort. Staying fit is the key essential in today's hectic lifestyle and if a cool pair of an iconic sports shoe brand is there on your feet, chances are you might get hooked to this morning regime that many find it cumbersome, otherwise...

Fitness Starts With Your Feet! Pamper Them With the Right Pair of Shoes, like ASICS Tiger
We recently got a chance to try and experience one of the super-cool models of ASICS Tiger range that got launched in India just a couple of months back, and we decided to do full justice with this fab pair by reviewing them during our recent trip to Jaisalmer.

In ASICS Tiger at the Backdrop of
Beautiful Suryagarh Hote, Jaisalmer 

Get Your Feet Going With ASICS Gel Lyte Speed

Now, before we tell you further about this pair of trendy shoes that we tried from the brand, let us first understand more about the sports brand, which many famous runners like Usain Bolt swear by. ASICS is one of the most trusted running shoe brands globally. Thanks to the al-new awakening towards morning walk, running, jogging that brands like ASICS have become the talk of the town. But for the ones who are into the seriousness of fitness and believe in the right jog and run, it's the ASICS Tiger that can be looked up to and we realized it shortly after trying it for one or two jogs during the trial period.

We tried this comfortable pair for a fortnight at least before featuring it here today. The Gel Lyte Speed are meant purely for running and even if you run for 8 to 10 km in this fabulous pair, you don't fee any ache in your calf or the arch or even the ankle.The super premium leather, the split-tongue design and the ultimate cushioning at the base (which is gel technology) makes sure to provide you both

comfort and maintain the pace of your jog.

The pair makes a wonderful choice during adventure travel like long walks or even hiking. We are afraid if they are meant for trekking purpose as the sheer beauty of Gel Lyte Speed is the running and jogging. But then, ASICS Tiger has around 55 shoe models to try for and many of them are meant for the excursion, trekking or even extreme sports.

Whatever is your choice of fitness and wellness, make sure to pamper your feet with the right sports shoe.
As Happy Feet is where your wellness is!

Fact File: This pair of shoes* from ASICS India is priced at INR 13,999/-.

(*Allwhatshewants was gifted this pair from the brand for an exclusive review)

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