Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pamper Your Brothers This Rakhi

Indian festivals have a lot to do with giftings and family celebrations, and Rakshabandhan is one such occasion when the women of the house are pampered like anything. Well, times have changed and so have the reasons associated with this festival. Today, women look for support and encouragement that boost their confidence, strength.. overall. This Rakhi, let's do some role-reversal and get set to pamper and gift your brothers with things that they are least seen talking or revealing about. Wondering what that could be? Oh, let us spill the beans and tell you that men are as much beauty and looks conscious as much as women are, and they too love to take care of the skin and get rid of the unwanted wrinkles, tans, pigmentation and what not.

So, how about gifting your brother a nice, relaxing and rejuvenating skincare session at Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin, one of the best luxury aesthetic centre of the capital city. If you are thinking what skincare it could , then check out some of these fabulous treatments that Aayna offers, especially for men..

Revive Your Aging Skin This Festival Season!

Skin Rejuvenation for Men

Not many men realize that they too need to take care of their skin, get facials done time to time, and if the signs of aging are visible, then a visit to an expert is a must. And, that's why you sisters can play a crucial role here. This occasion gives you the right and a chance both to book a skin consultation, a visit or a service at one of the renowned beauty clinics of India. At Aayna, men have an array of choices to opt for. Right from Laser Genesis and Hydrafacial for skin texture improvement and rejuvenation, to body massages and luxury facials for relaxation, they can go for the services as per the need of the skin and body. The experts offer a detailed consultation before suggesting the right treatment for you.
For brothers who have started showing the signs of aging, you can actually recommend a lunch-time session of Botox (particularly for excessive underarm sweating) or Fillers. Yes, it's not only popular among women but a lot of men go for it.. in a very hush-hush way, you see!

Go for Laser Hair Reduction & Get the Desired Style...

Laser Hair Reduction for Beard Shaping

We are quite sure that your brothers must be spending umpteen amount of time in front of the mirrors simply shaping, trimming their fave beards. Men have a certain fondness for beard even if it's a teeny-weeny one. But with Laser hair reduction treatment, you don't need to spend hours in just shaping up your lovely asset. The experts at Aayna can take care of it in just a few sittings. And, not just the beard, you can also opt for other areas that have excessive hair, like the lower back or so. 
Since we are talking about hair, there's another problem that a lot of men experience, Baldness, or hair thinning. Thanks to Platelet-rich plasma(PRP), an effective treatment at this dream clinic, a lot of men have found a perfect solution for this problem. This is one of the signature treatments at Aayna and you can sure join your bro during the consultation, just to make him feel comfortable!

One needs to understand that aesthetics is not just for women, but for men as well. And, what better way and occasion to show your love an care for your brother than a festival like Rakshabandhan? He might thank.. forever!!

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