Sunday, August 7, 2016

Treat Your Tresses With Mocha This Friendship Day!

It's Friendship Day today and what better way to surprise your friend than a Super-stylish beauty session? Yes, your love for your locks is well-known and with some sexy hair colours coming in trend, you can sure treat your dear friend with a fabulous salon date this Sunday..

L’Oreal Professionnel has introduced an all-new hair contouring with the MyMocha Colour Collection. Though, this came in trend at the beginning of the year when the brand revealed Mocha as 'the' most fashionable colour of the year 2016, we got a chance to experience it pretty recently, last month actually when the brand invited us to one of it's associated plush salons in the NCR.

Let Your Hair Scream Mocha... the new Hair Statement of the Year!

The picture above suggests the actual Mocha colour and the style in which you can try and experience it on your lovely curls. However, our hair expert decided to experiment and offered something 'hatke' and thus, we got this cool look (see pic in left).

The senior hair designer at the beautiful Neu Salonz, Gurgaon who himself was flaunting a super Mocha highlights was a professional. The moment we landed at this salon, he gave a brief about MyMocha trend and shows the hair colour swatches for us to understand it better. In no time, he understood that we were looking for a quirky style and not 'just' Mocha. It's then when he suggested to got for Mocha as base and highlights as red, which after a few washes fade away.

And, soon the experiential of this new trend from the brand started. You might wonder about this rage, and we must tell you that the colour has been in trend in past as well, it's just that the cool brown and it's tints and tones go really well with the Indian skin tone. But we have seen many international celebrities trying and experimenting with these lovely shades of browns. Even in these pictures that were shared by the brand, we can see the models wearing some interesting shades of Mocha. And yes, they are from the shoots done earlier this year, or probably toward the end of 2015...

Anyways, coming back to the review, the senior hair stylist of the salon soon soaked the tresses in the elegant shades of Mocha (he told us the INOA shade no, but now we don't remember). The application was done right from the roots, and the hair that were to be used for the Red highlights were separated from the brown ones. Since there was a shade already on those tresses, he first removed that one with some application and then applied the red shade in-between in a very well calculated manner. He told us that Red is a very tricky colour, especially when you are combining it with Mocha as both the shades are super-stunning and thus, red has to be subdued and yet should look like a perfect highlight.
The Mocha is primarily subtle and understated, and women who have a reluctance to hair colouring can be convinced with this shade if they want to go for hair colour for the very first time. at least, this is what we observed.. But on the other had, the brown shade-card is quite fashionable and modern-looking, again depending on the haircut that you have.
Professionally, the use of Mocha is carefully done around the face and, in tints and tones to highlight your facial features. but in our case, it was the red that did the needful!

We sure were super-delighted once the job was done and felt that this was a pretty unique combination for MyMocha trend. It felt bespoke, and indeed it was!
Hair colour is an art, and when brands like L’Oreal Professionnel bring such elegant hairstyle statements for women, then why not gift such a session of self-pampering to your dear friend on this occasion!

Let her have MyMocha time!

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