Unforgettable Travel Memoirs


Who doesn’t know the sheer bliss that travelling gives, especially when the destinations are unknown, and you are on an exploration mode?
Yes, travelling is a beautiful experience in itself. And, what makes it even more special is the fact that such surreal experiences simply go down the memory lane .. to be cherished forever! We too have had such beautiful travel experiences, which today have turned into some unforgettable travel memories. Well, we thought why not share our experiences of splendid travels, be it in form of destinations, resorts, hotels, or home stays, with our lovely readers?

So here we go…

The Land of Dunes & Forts

Rajasthan in India, is one of the most sought after states when it comes to some exotic locales and stunning hotels. And what’s best? As a woman traveller, you can safely explore this state, and it’s cities, on your own… just like that!

We got a chance to visit Jaisalmer, the ‘Golden City’ of Rajasthan a couple of years back. And guess what? We stayed in one of the finest beauties of this city, called Suryagarh Hotel. Located at the outskirts of the city, Suryagarh is stunning, and magnificent. The sheer size of the hotel makes you wonder how would the stay be, in a hotel like this? And, you sure don’t feel disappointed the moment you step in!

The Magnificent Suryagarh Hotel in Jaisalmer

You are offered a royal treatment, which undoubtedly turns into one of your unforgettable travel stories. That’s just not all, from treating you like a queen, to arranging a good 7 to 10 course fine dine, exclusively for you, be it at the sand-dunes in midnight, or over a romantic candle-lit dinner at the hotel, you are certainly spoilt for choices. As a ‘She’ traveller, the hotel makes sure to provide a customized city tour, and don’t feel surprised if the Owner himself takes you on a ride…

Jaisalmer visit is one of our unforgettable travel adventures, and the nailer in this trip was the midnight visit to the haunted Kuldhara Village. Now, who would dare forget an experience like this!

Paradise in the Middle of Nowhere

Yeah, this is no exaggeration! Imagine yourself as a solo traveller, driving on some smooth, yet unknown roads of this marvellous state, Rajasthan once again. All this effort just to reach a tucked-in (literally) resort, called Lakshman Sagar Resort? But then, when you’re there.. you know it’s worth it!

The Women’s Area in Lakshman Sagar Resort

We went on a solo.. hmm, rather, a mother & a daughter duo trip to this beauty a few years back, and it still feels like yesterday!
Lakshman Sagar Resort is a couple of hours away from the Suncity Jodhpur. We decided to drive all the way to this place, knowing that roads in Rajasthan are smooth, and people are friendly, and trustworthy (considering it was a woman only trip).

You drive through a few villages, and wonder if at all the resort is there where you’re heading. But then, suddenly, after a few turns inside ‘that’ final village, you see it bang in front of you, deserted, secluded, and yet so cool!

Room Interiors .. Beautiful & Rustic!

The resort has some 16 cottages, done beautifully, elegantly, and reflecting the rustic mood. The are around a pond that’s silent, and serene. We spent a couple of nights at this resort, explored the village, and the food in one of the farmer’s huts. It’s like enjoying the nothingness, midst nowhere!

Stay at Lakshman Sagar Resort is a memory sealed in our hearts..unlocked, just for you to enjoy :)

 Living With the Wild World

India has endless destinations to offer, and if you are a travel freak, chances are that you may feel exhausted, and yet the destinations will remain unexplored. We realized this when we decided to explore the dense jungles of Madhya Pradesh, and visited Kanha.. 

Chitvan Resort, in Kanha, M. P.

From a dry state (Rajasthan) to a fauna-laden┬ástate M.P., it was a different experience all-together. And, this time, we decided to explore Kanha’s Wild Life, along with a rustic stay at Chitvan Resort, which is right next to the boundary of the National Park.┬á

The resort has only three cottages, but each one offers umpteen luxury, be it the form of a bath-tub, post a day-long Safari, or the jungle spa, for a complete rejuvenation. Chitvan is chic, and one gets the feel of living in the wild, especially when you wake up in the morning, and gets to hear the sounds of wild animals, coming for the park. We were in the wilds for good three days, went on a day-long safari, could only spot tiger paws, apart form other wild animals. The jungle is huge, and dense, and therefore spotting animals is all the more difficult. But then, you come back to your resort, which is equally wild-looking that you enjoy the resort… just for it’s rustic look!

It’s been quite a few years when we last visited a jungle resort, but then the unforgettable memories are enough to revive this experience…

Oasis in the Desert

Take a look at the picture below, and imagine how it’s so not easy to forget an experience like this?

This is Khimsar, once again in Rajasthan that we visited in 2009, when we just started writing our Travel Diaries! Khimsar is know for it’s old-world fort, which now has been renovated by the owners and converted into a hotel. And yes, that’s exactly where we stayed, along with a visit to this one (in pic below), which is there dune resort that is operational other than summers… But obvious!

The place is pretty picturesque, and you can’t stop clicking every now and then, especially when you are in your hotel room, or at these dunes.

Khimsar Resort, and the Dune Property of the Resort…

The hotel has a splendid pool to offer as a view, and take a dip for a refreshing travel memories. The rooms are quite huge with all the basic luxuries to offer. We have a special connect with this travel, as we got a chance to dine with the Royals of this place, who are also the owners.

And, what makes this trip even more special is the visit to the Vintage Car collection that the owners have. We were personally shown the collection, and explained about it in detail! How about this to be an experience, remembered forever?

When Mountains Called…

From dunes, we are taking you to the exotic world of mountains. This is Shoghi, near Shimla where we stayed over a weekend at the stunning Aamod Resort…

Cutesy Cottages at Aamod Resort, Shoghi

Shoghi is mesmerising, and you can’t get enough of it, especially when you are an adventurous traveller. We had a blast at this place, not because it’s at a height, and you don’t access it that easily, but when you are there you get the complete view of the valley close to Shimla. It’s far away from the hustle-bustle of Shimla, and therefore it’s an experience to remember. Beautifully done cottages are spread here and there, at different heights, and it’s exciting to access each one, as it’s like a brief trekking inside the property itself.

If you are a family, you will enjoy staying here, or visiting Shoghi. It’s peaceful, air is pure, and you’ve a lot of adventure to do midst the nature!

We still very well remember the morning walks, and our kiddo chasing the butterflies… just like that!

The Jungles of Goa

If you thought that Goa is all about beaches, then take a look at this… We got a chance to explore the actual wild side of Goa, which is staying close to the world-known Doodhsagar falls, in a luxe tent at Doodh Sagar resort..

The Luxe Tents at Doodh-Sagar Resort, Goa

Goa is simply surreal,and each time you visit this state, you have a story to share. But then, we decided to explore the jungles of Goa, rather that the beaches.

Doodhsagar resort is right next to the National Park, and from here you can visit the iconic Doodhsagar fall. The very ride to the fall is an experience in itself, with the trained bikers taking to the bottom of the falls (roads are closed during monsoon).

We not only enjoyed visiting the falls, and taking a dip into the gushing water that comes from Karnataka, and falls in Goa, we had an equally amazing time in staying at a luxury tent. It was our first and so we enjoyed it to it’s fullest…

The jungles of Goa are not just about visiting this fall, but are also know for some rare animals, though we missed the safari, and decided to take a look at one of the oldest temples of India (see pic below)

This picture will tell you more about it. The temple history is not much known, and it is in the middle of Goan jungle, but the structure tells you it’s history, and how strongly it has been standing ┬áfor so many centuries…

Goa will surprise you when you decide to visit the ‘other’ side of it. While the beaches are equally memorable, the jungles will make you experience unforgettable!

The Adventurous Trekking

The last in our unforgettable travel experiences is this one from the recent travel to Sareolsar Lake, in Jalori Pass, Himachal…

Sareolsar Lake, Jalori Pass, Himachal Pradesh

We visited this small village called Jibhi this month, just to explore one of the most adventurous trekking to Sareolsar Lake, on the mountain peak near Jalori Pass, 4000 meters above sealevel…
It was a life-time experience, and we are pretty sure that this one sits right on the top of our travel diaries. From trekking 10 km, on the deserted route, with rains, mist, fog around, to visiting a hidden waterfall in the mountains, this travel was exciting, and challenging. Jibhi as a destination is simply awesome. You get the complete view of Kullu Valley, and are certainly staying closest to nature, sans any disturbance…

Travelling is a learning experience, it tells you more about cultures, people, places, and above all, it makes you know yourself better. If an experience like travel can make you learn so many things, how can it be ever forgotten? Of course not… It’s time to cherish each moment of our travel diaries…