Thursday, October 6, 2016

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Tattoos

There are certain styles and trends that seem to be good in the times you live in but may become a serious pain in your eyes, years later. Yes, we are talking about tattoos here, they simply look amazing and really are an add-on to one's personality and way of living. Having a tattoo is a good idea but you may not be prepared for the life-long commitment to it. The recent news of Angelina Jolie going desperate to get her Pitt dedicated tattoos erased.You would certainly not wish to get into such awkward situations, right? What's the solution to it then?

Well, thanks to the advanced technology in skincare and beauty industry, one can safely and comfortably think of getting rid of that one tattoo or tattoos maybe, which has already started bothering you. And, Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin is one such perfect destination for all your worries regarding the safest and healthiest way of tattoo removal!

When Tattoos Look Awkward, Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin Assures a Safe Removal 

Yeah, this may come as a surprise to many women readers that a beauty clinic that's known for it's wonderful anti-aging, aesthetic and wellness services also has something to do with tattoo-removal. This feature will sure enlighten you with the advanced technologies that this lovely clinic is using that can assure skincare along with the erasing of your unwanted tattoo.

Safe Laser for Tattoo Removal

Aayna is known for it's world-class services as the equipments used at this plush clinic are the best one's when it comes to assuring the best to the clients. The clinic offers laser tattoo removal as they are using the US FDA approved Q Switch Medlite C6 Laser. The laser has an unmatched precision beam technology, it is able to provide a consistent result. The laser energy is even on your skin,r esulting in the minimal epidural injury. so, be it the mono-colour tattoo, or a full multicolour tattoo, the laser assures a total removal with 100% satisfaction.

Pros & Cons

Now, you know the assurance part of this advance technology, which of course makes you go for it, needless to say. But , each technique and treatment has it's own pros and cons, which as a reader you must be aware of. Thanks to Aayna, the experts at this clinic brief you about this in advance before you decide to even go for it. 

  1. Laser is not a one-time session when it comes to tattoo removal, You may require 5-15 sessions depending on the size of the tattoo and the amount and the type of ink used to create one. Also, where exactly the tattoo is placed, that will add to the time too as skin is sensitive on some parts of our body.
  2. Tattoo fades over the time and usually after the first seating there's sort of whitening in that area. But the skin returns to it's normal colour soon..
  3. There are certain colours that are the most difficult to remove with laser. You will be surprised to know that yellows, sky blue or even green are tough to get rid off with and sometimes an additional treatment is needed to get the noticeable fading.

It feels cool and fashionable to have a quirky, weirdo or even crazy tattoos, especially when you are young and seeking attention. Or, sometimes you simply feel like going for one since everyone around i getting one but make sure to go for the safest bet to start with. 

Tattoo is an amazing style statement and getting rid of it is now going simple and less complicated with Aayna's advanced laser treatment. How about trying one this weekend?

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