Breathe Easy This Season With Air-purifier

If you ask anyone about the hottest topic of the day post-Diwali, it’s gonna be the level of pollution and the alarming poor quality of the air that the citizens of India are breathing in, especially the capital of the country. Well, it’s not the festival or the festivities that adds to the chaos of the people but the sheer shamelessness of the arrogant citizens who neither have qualms about their imbalanced use of crackers nor have an apathy towards the ones who make sure to respect environment not just during festivals, otherwise as well!

We know you can’t do much about it but there’s one thing that you sure can consider doing and that’s getting an apt air purifier for your sweet home that can save you from inhaling the hazardous air and can be pocket-friendly as well… We are talking about Mi air Purifier 2!

A Super-chic Air Purifier from Xiaomi 

 Elegant & Effective

Xiaomi India recently launched it’s second generation Mi air purifier 2 in the capital city, and we got a chance to check out the product and review* it exclusively. We have been using it for more than a month now, and we must tell you that this air purifier is simply amazing!

While on a regular day when you feel that the air quality is perfectly fine, it’s exactly then when you need to turn your purifier on at home to find out if what you feel is true or not. Chances are, you will be surprised that the purifier gets into action and soon you see the indicator (the green light at the bottom centre) goes orange and sometimes red. This is a clear indication that the air is polluted (mild if orange and alarming if red). The second generation model is 40% smaller to the previous one and offers 310m3/h clean air delivery rate. From PM2.5 particles, dust germs, indoor plant pollen and pet hair or the unpleasant, the purifier removes everything from the air inno time.

The Filter is Easy to Clean & Replace…

The fan on the top sends a strong gust of air and the base pulls in , a mechanism that’s inspired from the aero engines. This is further supported by the cylindrical filter that basically does all the magic.

Because of the round shape, it takes in the polluted air more efficiently unlike the other conventional purifiers, thus, sending out the cleaner version of air in a better frequency and duration. The brand claims that it purifies the air in 10 mins, which we are not quite sure about, especially in the post-festival atmosphere (the purifier has been running on Orange for last three days, shifting from green to red time and again).

The Green Light is the Indication of Pure Air…

Silent & Splendid

Mi purifier is absolutely silent, especially when you turn on the night mode. The auto mode is good too but you can feel the noise, not disturbing though. We don’t know the exact decibel level but if you compare it with the other rival brands, it’s really low.

What we particularly liked about it is the fact that you can control this cool appliance from the touch of your smartphone. Yes, the Mi Home app helps you keep a check on your gadget. You can turn it off and on from your phone, conveniently. You can also check the quality of the air and the time needed by the purifier to control the pollution.

It’s high time that we start considering purifiers as a necessity and not a luxury as the environmental conditions will be erratic each season, and when brands like Mi are offering a product that does the needful at a pocket-friendly price, then there’s no reason to not to go for this splendid one!

* (The brand offered us a non-returnable purifier for an exclusive review)


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