Forget Smog & Take a Refreshing Break: The Farmer’s Home Review

When the weather in NCR takes a toll on your mood-swings and your Monday work-mode, and you feel like taking a break for some fresh air, then this feature will delight you for sure….

Remember the interesting feature on TheWhitePeaks that we did some time back? Here’s the second one in that series. We really loved the way our readers appreciated that post, and it’s time for you to check out the second beautiful homestay that the Founder of The White Peaks has added to her bouquet of private homestays… Oh yes, as we told you that the Founder happens to be a woman and it’s time to introduce her to our sincere readers.

Aparupa Ray Ganguly,
the Woman Behind The White Peaks

Meet Aparupa Ray Ganguly, the lady behind The White Peaks, a beautiful homestay situated in Uttarakhand that we experienced this Autumn season. Aparupa, who happens to be from the world of hospitality and is currently working as a Corporate Communication Head for The Imperial Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels of the country, runs this venture with her husband (see pic). We did a candid interaction with her about her idea behind this venture, and how she sees the homestay trend coming up in India but before that we must now take you to her second property, which is The Farmer’s Home, an hour-long drive from The White Peaks, and is on way to Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand.

Dining Area Outside the Cottage…

The pictures in this article will give you the feel of this simple yet rustic homestay that’s bang in the middle of Peach Orchard, or rather surrounded by peach orchards around. Unlike TWP that pampers you with it’s amazing hospitality, this one is a bit different. The Farmer’s Home is like a farmers home actually, there’s this gentleman caretaker who’s villager-like appearance and good cooking skills impress you, there’s this one bedroom simple cottage that has all the basic, yet elegant amenities that surprise you when you step inside your room, and there’s this lovely stretch of road just outside the homestay that invites you for a long walk, down towards a stream of water, passing through a village that may not even be on the Google maps, probably…

We reached this homestay after spending a wonderful time at TWP for two days, and the final day was all about enjoying the simplicity of this leisure travel!

View From the Farmer’s Home, Uttarakhand 
Food at The Farmer’s Home… Delicious and Yum!

The Rustic Experience

The Cottage From Inside.. It has a Private Kitchen as Well!

So, if you are one of those women who do not wish to do anything when travelling to a village, or wish to experience a village life in the hilly region of India, then TFH is aptly suited for you. Just sit inside your hut, spend time reading books, listening to some good music, step out for a good home-food, to be enjoyed in the peach orchard, served on a wooden table and logs as your dining chairs, and then going out to take a long walk and enjoy the scenic beauty as you see in the picture above.

Well, actually that’s exactly what we did and felt revived and rejuvenated before we left for the capital city the next day.

We later connected with Aparupa to know more about her venture, women travellers and trends, and of course, the new shift to homestays  from hotels and resorts. ” and she shared some really amazing facts about her venture. “I have seen a steadily growing number of single women travellers who are either coming to enjoy some quiet, me-time or have an intellectual quest where they want to just be by themselves and probably write a book. The warmth and informality of a secure, home-like environment makes them feel at ease where they can eat what they like, sleep as long as they wish and generally be themselves without worrying about anything or anyone. The White Peaks was always meant to be a summer home and getaway for my family and our two dogs who never had a place to holiday with us. It was only later that we realised that we wanted to share the place and the experience with other like-minded people,” she said.

Well, that’s probably the only reason why you find this amazing homestay such a personal and bespoke experience that has it’s growing organic fan-following, purely through word-of-mouth and first-hand experience, like ours. To which Aparupa adds and sums, ” For us, commerce comes later. We want guests to treat our home like a home and not a commercial establishment. We want guests who respect nature and understand that the mountains are pristine and cannot be littered.  The White Peaks is not a place for those who like busy, activity based, noisy holidays.”