Going the French Way: Patissier Neha Lakhani

It’s been a while and we realized that we haven’t featured an interesting and innovative ‘She’ profile with our readers in the series “Women at Their Confectionery Best”. And, what better than a Tuesday to bring this Tuesday treat to you all? Yes, not often you get to meet such talents, and not too often you not just meet but relish the creations at the same time…She’s young, she’s passionate, and she takes no nonsense when it comes to her work. That’s the first impression that you get of patisserie Chef Neha Lakhani, Founder & Owner of Patisserie Royale, whom we met some time back in the capital city to know more about the creative side of this young artist. Don’t be surprised, as chefs are artists in their own way, and we love their yummilicious artwork each time we visit them. And, that’s how we met Chef Neha one fine afternoon, with our little reviewer who was more interested in the yum part of this candid interaction.

Chef Neha Lakhani
Orange Cake, Glazed With 
Dark Chocolate

So before we tell you more about Neha, let us know the basics first. So, Neha is a pastry chef, who has been associated with many brands of repute in past, and started her own venture
Patisserie Royale a couple of years back.

She’s a pro when it comes to baking, and has a strong French influence. Now you might like to know what exactly is ‘that’ influence and does it differ from the Indian one? Well, the word dessert itself is a French origin, and the French desserts are typically custard, cream and fruit based as far as our understanding has. But then we had Chef Neha who shared more about it and her journey…

” I come from a finance background and getting into patisserie was not like a planned move but yes, was certainly my area of interest,” told Neha during out candid interaction with her at Lavaash by Sabi, where she was working for a brief period. ” A lot of people find it easy to associate women with pastries, desserts and cakes but not many know that this field is equally challenging and has it’s own hurdles and struggles. I have been in the industry for a while now and the trend of international desserts and it’s demand has grown over the past few years. I find French desserts to be balanced and more towards wellness as you have ingredients to experiment with and low-calorie options to go for. But honestly, one can’t imagine a dessert without the high-ca ingredients, and most of the desserts are loaded with calories and thus, a guilty indulgence;” added Neha.

This one Tasted Delicious Like Anything…
One of the Creations of Chef Neha

No wonder, as each picture around can tell you that whatever is the influence, the cream, the butter, the egg, and the chocolate is not going anywhere when we talk about French desserts.

When we were busy doing the interactions, the little reviewer was observing this beautiful chef in a hope that she will be offered the yum creations just to feel a bit pampered. But in no time, even the little one could feel the sincere chef’s dedication and domineering skills in her kitchen where she’s the mentor to many other clefs. ” Yes, I m a strict boss, you can say that. You see, women as bosses need to be like that. Especially in an industry like hospitality where everything is based on flavors, tastes and freshness. People either like you or don’t like you,” she summed.

True it is, as even the world of desserts works on discipline,  strategic planning and inclination to learn more.. the little reviewer by now knew that this chef is ‘hat ke’  and ‘special’ indeed, while relishing her orange cake and veg pizza that fine afternoon…


Neha has been wearing many hats for a while now, as she not just runs her own venture, but is also an avid You-Tuber who showcases quick and easy  DIY recipes that can be tried at home too. Additional, she’s on an expert panelist of a couple of news channels in India. She has recently been awarded by the Indian Federation of Culinary Association for excellence in her career and contribution to the industry.