Take a Veg & Vegan Break From Your Busy Day


When Busy Mondays start giving you MondayBlues, when a hectic day leaves you with little to crave for, and when an erratic work schedule takes a toll on your hunger pangs, it’s time for you to take a vegan break as Vegan could mean a perfect ‘Me-time’!Yes, the month of celebrations and special days is already here, and this means you can simply take a break from your busy Mondays, just to divulge in an all-new Vegan and Vegetarian menu at this quirky restaurant, called The Hungry Monkey.

The Exclusive Veg & Vegan Floor at The Hungry Monkey, New Delhi

The Vegan & Veg Cuisine

With more and more women going the vegan way these days, seems like restaurants are leaving no stone unturned to woo the amazing diner this New Year season.And, it looks like The Hongry Monkey is the pioneer in this new trend. We visited this lovely restaurant one fine afternoon last month to check out the splendid veg and vegan menu that Chef Noah Barnes has conceptualized. While the menu is
a gourmet European veg/vegan style, the whole idea is to offer a great variety to a vegetarian and calorie-conscious diner who love to dine out, post a busy day and yet can go back satiated and sans the fat-guilt.

We too visited this restaurant with this concept, and were utterly surprised to see that the restaurant has dedicated the entire floor for the Veg and vegan diner only. This comes as a pleasant surprise and one feels really special, you see..

Coming back to the menu part now, which is actually the best thing about this restaurant this season. Chef Noah is young and dynamic, and knows his F&B in and out. So, when we asked him about the food preferences of a lady diner he was candid and said, ” Wel, they are always looking for low-cal cuisine, despite the fact that European cuisine is all bout cheese. That’s where I felt the need of vegan menu as a lot of people these days are looking for an exclusive vegan option. Considering people are asking for veg variety, we have some amazing non-meat options like Shawarma Filo Rolls, Bok Chow Wrapped Cilantro & lime Mock Chicken Roulade,” he summed.

True to his words, we realized after trying and tasting some of the delicacies that the chef has done a perfect justice to the veg food lovers as his menu is vast and you can select some cool dishes and platters, especially the VeganFlatbread Pizza, Sesame Crusted Spinach and tofu, The Vegan Gyro Wrap just to name a few. That afternoon, we tried some good 6-7 dishes (don’t remember al the names now) and each one was unique in flavours, and presentation. What we particularly liked was the fact that despite being the European cuisine, you nowhere fee the need of dairy ingredients even if it’s the pizza. The whole concept of animal and a┬ádairy-free menu is quite appealing actually..

THM is otherwise one of the sought after restaurant chains in the NCR and with this new menu, we are quite sure that your busy days would sure end on something healthy and tasty at the same.

No doubt that we live in a city that’s high on pollution and if a restaurant can offer you a menu that’s curated keeping your health and lifestyle in mind, and is offering nutrient-rich food, we don’t find any reason to not to try and experience this beautiful place this New Year.

What’s Interesting?

The low-calorie options in the menu are a big yes for women, especially the working ones. Since you find lesser time to work out, you can simply go to THM for your hunger pangs and come back happy always!