Gift Your Little One a Book This New Year, With a Twist!


Christmas is less than a week away and we are pretty sure that your Xmas gifts for your little ones are all sorted by now. But there are times when you continue with the celebrations and such occasions for days to come, as the season of gifting doesn’t come that soon, you see. Kids especially look forward to Xmas and New Years as they are often showered with surprise gifts.

Books Make a Great Gifting Choice,
Try Bookaboo Kids This New Years!

Well, you can go a step further this New Years and get something super-personalized for your child with Bookaboo Kids. Books is one of the all-time favorite gifting options of parents but there are times when children expecting something hat ke. They want books that are different, that are picturesque, and books that have characters to relate to.

And, that’s where Bookaboo Kids come in. The brand creates books that are absolutely personalized, and we can say so as we received one amazing story book (see pic below) for the little reviewer at Allwhatshewants that was like a perfect gift for the season…

The Personalized Book for Our Little Reviewer

Personalized & Unique

We wanted to know more about the brand, understand the concept, and the creative minds behind this lovely venture. But before that, let us first tell you the basics. With Bookaboo, you can actually order a personalized book for your kid. The book will be exclusively dedicated to your child, with his or her name as the key characters of the book. Further, the story book will have a unique story based on your kid’s alphabets in the name. And, it lastly will end on a beautiful moral, something that energizes your child like never before!
Hetal & Neeraj, Creators,Author & Co-Founders,
Bookaboo Kids
We found the idea to be different and interesting, and that’s when we decided to know more about the brand from Hetal and Neeraj, the Author and co-Founders. ” Bookaboo puts the kid right at the center of the story. We as humans are moved and inspired by stories and children tend to display this at an exaggerated level of make belief where they start believing the stories they hear and want to be a part of it. As kids grow they start getting attracted to superhero’s and want to hear more and more stories around these characters. Bookaboo makes the child the hero. When the kid hears a story where he shows courage, kindness, bravery and love to help others he experiences bliss which can’t be substituted with anything else.”
They further add, ” As bookaboo we are very conscious of personalization and don’t want it to be just a commercial take on the child’s life by sticking a child’s picture on the book or taking a classic and putting the child in it. When we designed the first bookaboo (my adventure bookaboo) it took us 9 months and a team of 37 mothers and 51 kids to arrive at the final content. Each page of our books highlights a universal value and is delivered to the child via the story. Our stories are all rhyming as kids remember jingles and that’s how the books enhance their vocabulary. As we move forward we want to stay focused on bringing back the kids to an off-screen world, where they learn from each other, parents, uncles and aunts,” they sum.
And, you will be surprised to know that they are recruiting an army of mothers to share their valuable experience and insights on delivering & designing not just books but activities and tricks that are fun together.
It’s time for you to go a little personal with your little one this New Year.. only with BookaBoo!