Nike Ad Celebrates Arab ‘She’ Athletes!

The new commercial from Nike celebrating the sporty side of Arab women has gone viral and has got mixed reviews...


“What will they say about you?” is a rhetorical question with which many women and girls in the Middle East are all too familiar. Young women pursuing their dreams irrespective of the rigid traditional gender roles in the region often find themselves under the scrutiny of their communities.


And it’s those women and girls that sportswear manufacturer Nike decided to celebrate in a new commercial that has gone viral. The clip featured five successful female professional and everyday athletes from different parts of the Arab world. This new ad that has gone viral in no time seems to be an attempts probabily, to break the stereotypes about Arab women, who the other parts of the world feels lead a home-bound lives.


Nike said it wanted the video — which was narrated by Saudi actress Fatima Al-Banawi and shot in and around Dubai — to be “local and genuine.” “The film aims to highlight the stories of amazing athletes to encourage and inspire others,” Hind Rasheed, Nike’s communication manager in Dubai, told CNN. The commercial has been viewed more than 3 million times on social media in two days and sparked a debate over its message.

We at Allwhatshewants liked the way way it has shown Arab women in a different avataar all-together. Whether the ad has sparked a debate or inspired many women around is a personal matter, anyways!