Wear the Chef’s Hat With Cool Cookwares

Going the manual way seems to be the newest trend in F&B industry, time to add some cool aids to your kitchen, check these out...


There’s that curious little chef in every woman or girl out there who’s waiting to try her hands on the exotic and fun recipes or DIYs but often you end up keeping that imaginary chef aside. For, your kitchen is not well-equipped with the professional, chic and newest cooking aids.

Well, now you can be your creative best and try the latest food trends as Tupperware India has some of the coolest and stylish kitchen aids to offer this season. We got a chance to try and experience a few of these. How about you take a look at them here…

When we Tried & Experienced Juist & Speedy Chef from Tupperware India!

Super-Amazing Speed Chef

The title is absolutely not exaggerated and neither is this an advertorial, so you simply need to go by the words here. The brand’s latest product range has a new add-on of Ultimo Series, and Speedy Chef happens to be from the same range.  We rarely add any companies videos with our editorial features but this one is a must -watch before we tell you further about it.

How cool it is, isn’t it? We say so as we reviewed it and tried some quick DIYs using the Speedy Chef. So, what is SC all about? This chic-looking product is primarily for whipping and whisking and you can make pancakes, butter, mayonnaise, and batters in just no time. Yes, this manual version can beat the speed of your electric beater or a blender and we did try to check it out and were bowled over by it’s performance.

The results are absolutely fantastic be it the whisking and whipping but what comes as a set-back with the product is the cleaning process later. The cleaning is stressful indeed as the mechanism is so intricate that the fine particles get stuck and you need to clean it with dedication. But since you have that chef craving inside you, she would certainly not mind doing the tedious work later!

Juicer with a Ts-l1000wist

We got to know about the brand’s journey during the TupperwareParty at the brand’s office, recently. While the brand has one of the most beautiful offices in the NCR, it came as a pleasant surprise to know that the brand also has one of the award-winning manufacturing units in India. We were also briefed about the entire range of this seasons’ products and Shilpa Ajwani, Managing Director, Tupperware India also told us the interesting ‘Burp’ story of the first product from the brand – the air-tight container.  17353631_10154468644923861_703205201375328837_n

Now, coming back to the second product, which is Juist, this one is yet another cool product for your healthy detox juice, or quick fruit juices. Falling under the cold-pressed category, Juist makes a wonderful choice for busy women who happen to miss on their nutrients. They can kick-start the day with one quick fruit juice, and since everything is manual here, you can also add the thick pulp that goes along while you squeeze the juice out.

We tried the quick detox recipe shared by the Chef herself and loved it like anything. The cleaning process here is thankfully easier and you would not mind using it on a daily basis. Well, a daily detox does wonders and you can try it out for a fortnight at least to see the results!

SmartChopper-500x500Smart Chopper for Your Quick Dishes

The third and the final product that we tried during the event was this cutesy chopper. Based on a manual cord mechanism this smart chopper can be used in a jiffy for fine chopping of vegetables, herbs and so.. The mechanism is easy and yet needs a careful usage but what’s assured is a finely chopped items that save your time… Literally!


Ladies, it’s time for you to let your little chef step out of the comfort zone and treat you , the way you want.