Women Steering the Auto World


Women have time and again proven their calibre and multi-tasking capabilities to whichever field or industry they try their hands in. And, one such happens to be the automobile sector. While the sector still proves to be an offbeat domain for most women, there are a handful of them who have marked their strong and powerful presence.

If you have been passionate about your car and the drives, then we are quite sure that the stories of women behind the whole execution process will interest you further..


Beena Swapnil Kothadia, General Manager for Vehicle Quality in GM India happens to be one among those handful women who has been associated with General Motors for more than 8 years. We got a chance to connect with her over a telephonic interaction to know more about her career, the challenges than women usually experience in auto industry and the high points in this offbeat profession.

Beena Swapnil Kothadia, GM for Vehicle Quality, GM India

It’s a Challenging Yet Amazing Industry

This is what Been feels and shared with us as we connected with her early this month of International Womens Day. ” ‘Are you serious for this line’, is what my professor said when I opted for Mechanical Engineering close to two decades back. I was the only girl in that batch of engineers but today when I look back, it makes me feel good about my decision. As you know that the CEO of GM Motors is a woman only so you can understand the kind of opportunities and comfort women have in this organization. I got a chance to meet our CEO Mary Barra and she herself is a great motivator. Automobile is a challenging industry and it can take a toll on you but for women, if they have a strong support system from family and friends, they can exhale like anything. Over the years, I have realized that the industry demands a lot of patience and if as a woman you want to rise in this tough profession, you should have a proper planning, strong family support and a ‘never give up’ attitude towards your career,” says Beena.

Don’t wonder if we tell you that despite this busy routine, she manages to get her me-time and makes sure no one disturbs her during that. ” Oh, I totally believe in me-time, that’s like a rejuvenation to women. I do get 30-40 mins of me time and make sure to watch my favourite TV Serials during that time. Also, like many other, I get my 45 mins of peace while on my way to work or back home,” she sums.

What You Must Know

Beena Swapnil Kothadia has been awarded President and People Excellence awards.