How Leak-proof is Your House?


A beautiful home speaks tons of your creative personality and aesthetics sense but imagine this beauty taking an ugly U-turn the moment your home-sweet-home starts showing signs of seepage, or a fine leakage or even fine cracks. All the hard work goes in vain, in just no time…


Well, we say so as Team Allwhatshewants has personally experienced it. Living in NCR compared to Mumbai is a relief when it comes to the experience of leakage or seepage but if the construction quality is poor or too old, even the capital city is no bliss. Also, some of the architectural flaws are visible only at a later stage when your house begins to show prominent signs of seepage. For us, the latter turned out to be a nightmare. “ I live in a beautiful duplex and construction-wise, it looks pretty sturdy despite being close to two decades old. But some of the design flaws, I noticed quite recently, like our bathroom on the first floor is right on the top of our lovely kitchen, which is on the ground floor. Off late, the seepage has been spoiling the look of the kitchen despite the regular distemper and maintenance. It somehow feels that a proper waterproofing of the floor and the walls is a must as not much can be done with the architectural design now,” shares Supriya Himanshu, Founder &Editor,

Water-proofing is one of the key essentials of a beautiful home that deserves all the long-life and appreciations for the years to come. And, often we Indians end up ignoring this vital element in home constructions and planning. But with brands like Dr. Fixit, you can relax and take a back-seat as this brand will make sure to get the leakage and structural audit done for your home or even society you live in so as to offer you a healthy and durable shelter. Let’s take a look at how..

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Brand Experts Briefing About Leak-proofing During the Seminar…

Dr. Fixit, All-in-one Solution          

Dr. Fixit recently organized a seminar in Mumbai on Leakage and Structural audit, which we attended and got some interesting know-how of the issues and concerns of buildings and constructions. Dr. Fixit from the House of Pidilite – the Waterproofing Expert has launched an initiative which focuses on “Building a Healthy Society” by raising awareness about the need of timely planning of repairs along with right diagnosis and expert solutions for the surface area.  During the seminar, Ashish Prasad, Chief Operating OfficerConstruction Chemicals, Pidilite Industries Limited, said that people tend to ignore the fundamentals of a house, which is good quality products and renovations as per the need of the house. The maintenance and regular checking of your home us a must as water-leakage not only cuts the age of your abode, it also adds to the hygiene issues and health problems. Dr. Fixit, being a waterproofing expert provides end to end repairs and waterproofing solutions along with the right diagnosis of the problem. Building maintenance requires the right diagnostic tools and the right technical knowhow, which is what our experts are well-equipped with,” he summed.

To share more about the brand with our readers, Dr. Fixit uses various State-of-the-Art techniques such as Non-Destructive tests and Concrete Petrography for evaluating existing concrete structures to measure the strength of concrete and if they need be replaced or rehabilitated. The technologies that are used not only detect water leakages in buildings but also provide analysis and interpretation of test results along with recommendations for remedial waterproofing.  Dr. Fixit provides innovative surface wise waterproofing solutions that not only offer the benefits of painting but also keep the building safe from any possible leakage and offer a respite from the heat in summers as well.

The above mentioned may sound unfamiliar or belonging to some alien world till the time you actually visit the brand’s website, and especially the techchat section. Dr. Fixit simplifies everything with it’s home page that tells you elaborately about types of water-proofing, like IMG_0006Roof, structure, water tank, external walls, bathroom, foundation just to name a few. Additional, it also tells you about the recommended water-proofing solutions. We particularly liked the techchat services wherein you can share your details and your query regarding seepage or leakage at your home. The service allows you to interact with the brand’s expert online for good 30mins. This comes as a bliss for busy working women who otherwise find it difficult to spare time for such visits to the experts.

Product Range from the Brand

The innovative products that assist in perfect waterproofing for a long-lasting structure includes Dr. Fixit Newcoat, Dampguard, Raincoat & its specialist range of Structural Repair products. Since Dr. Fixit is from the Pidilite family, we are quite sure that you know about the mother brand’s range of products, which are adhesives and sealants, construction chemicals, craftsmen products, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) products and polymer emulsions in India. The quickest to remember and relate with is Fevicol, which over the years has become synonymous with adhesives to millions in India and is ranked amongst the most trusted brands in the country.