Get Pampered With VLCC


In this busy and hectic lifestyle, what often takes a back-seat is a woman’s beauty regime. While you are at your best when it comes to showing your multi-tasking skills, it’s your skin and hair that’s bearing all the brunt during that process.

Well, thankfully there are brands that understand how your tender skin and lovely locks need the utmost care and pampering and make sure to offer the best of services that can fit-in your super-busy schedules. VLCC happens to be one such beauty brand that has an array of skincare and haircare treatments, apart from the well-known slimming services that it has been known for, primarily.

The Beautiful Interiors & Pampering Zone at VLCC!

Oh yes! The brand has been synonymous to slimming and most of us relate to VLCC with this service but out recent experiential at one of the plush beauty center of the brand in the capital city surprised us pleasantly. As, it not only has a vast range of salon services, but also has some of the best in dermat services category. How about taking a look at all, here…

Best of Skincare & Haircare

During our experiential, we were briefed about the brand’s signature services like Vampire facial, a facial that many Hollywood celebrities swear by. The brand happens to be the first to introduce this unusual facial in the Indian beauty industry. We had a fun time trying out the rejuvenating pedi pampering and relaxing massage. It was interesting t to know more about the dermat-based treatment that the brand offers as many women today are going for it depending on the skin concerns and requirements. Like the derma-heal, the eye-fillers, these are exclusively formulated with bio-active ingredients that assure a sure-shot result that include reduction in ageing lines around eyes and radiantly hydrated skin.  And, if you are looking for the best of skincare solutions then nothing like a PRP. In this process, the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) a form of blood plasma is taken from you and that’s enriched with platelets , is applied to your face with derma rollers. This primarily helps in cellular growth, which ultimately results in youthful appearance of your skin. Like wow!IMG_20170302_153205_042

VLCC is one of the oldest and pioneer beauty brands of India and and with such advance services on offer, the busy women today simply need to book an appointment, like a beauty date and come back refreshed and radiant like never before. With ageing as one of the biggest concerns of women today, the brand’s making sure to leave no stone unturned. So, from chemical peels, micro-needling, botox, thread lift, to many others, you are sure spoilt for choices.

We had a fabulous time and experience at VLCC, when are you going for your date with this luxurious beauty?

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